Sunday, August 30, 2015

Felicity at 11 Months

Felicity turned 11m old on Saturday. We spend the day up the shore.

Felicity is getting big. Her personality blossoms everyday. I love the bottom picture of these three because it shows her conquering what to her was a mountain, a steep incline of rocks at Iona's beach. 

She took what I declared her first steps on Friday (Aug 21st). (I know she probably took some steps before that.. but not that I saw!!) Her body is getting strong. After a couple weeks not resorting to co-sleeping I tried to bring her into our bed recently on a rough night and realized how toddler like her body has become.

I mean it shouldn't be a shocker, she is taking steps, standing on her own, squatting, climbing stairs, climbing onto the couch... those muscles are developing. Yet, its always a shock to realize how much she has grown. The 12 month clothing I started putting her in around June are starting to look full.. maybe even small when it comes to full length pieces. We are buying 18m clothing for her fall/winter wardrobe. 

Back to her personality though - this girl knows what she wants. At meals, she will tell us exactly what she wants by pointing and "maah" and clapping and more pointing. Today at lunch she had everything we had except lunch meat and made it clear that was what she actually wanted. She knows what toys she wants, where she wants to go, and she does it. If you stop her from doing it, she becomes a rag-down collapsed meltdown. 

She likes books... though its questionable whether she wants you to read one to her or she just wants to open it to different pages herself. She likes phones and my kindle, whether or not they are turned on. She likes duplo blocks and is trying to learn to put them together. She is really close to being able to put two together, just not quite coordinated enough. She can stack wood blocks on top of each other (and enjoys doing this). She loves laundry and peekaboo and mimics the sound of the phrase "there-she-is" quite well. She mimics a lot, both actions and  language. Its hard to tell whats immediate mimicking and what is her trying to actually use words appropriately, but her language is definitely coming a long. In terms of actions, here is an example. We were in the upstairs bathroom and I was changing Benjamin's diaper while he stood up. Both Ben and I were using wipes to clean him off. Meanwhile, Felicity was off with her own pack of wipes taking them out of the package one after another. We finished cleaning him and Ben sat down to put on a new pullup. Felicity crawled over with a wipe and started to wipe his leg with it. It was extremely adorable. 

Felicity loves music. She responds to music almost instantly these days. I often sing her to sleep (Tin Soldier, When I'm Gone, 1000 Years, Under the Quarter Moon, Let it Be..). If a song gets turned on or comes on during tv watching she will start rocking or bobbing her head. 

She is at the stage where she makes the cute adorable scrunched up smile face. 

She still doesn't have any teeth and anytime she is fussy we guess that she is teething. We have been guessing this for about 8 months now. 

That is all I can think of right now. Next year is the big 1 year old!


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