Monday, August 3, 2015

Late Kid Updates

How about an update on the kids that is long overdue?

At the beginning of July I started a post about Ben being 3.5 yrs old. I never finished or posted it... here is what I had:

Ben turned 3.5 yrs old on Sunday.

He is not a toddler really anymore, besides perhaps the diapers. He is a little boy.

All of Ben's favorite things involve water. He still loves pirates, and he is obsessed with pirate ships (the reign of the Bowy Rodger has continued... though somewhat lessened). We had a period of avid Octonauts play (a BBC kids show about underwater creatures). Sometimes he just pretends to BE an underwater creature, most specifically, an Octopus. Our whole family is Octopi. Felicity is a baby Octopus named Inky.

Unsuprisingly based on the above information, Ben's current "lovey" of choice is a stuffed Orca whale. He picked it up at the Park Point Garage Sale. We walked into one of the sales and there was a whole table of stuffed animals. Ben zeroed in on it right away and asked if he could get it. I said yes because it was like $.25. Then DH and I were browsing. DS started to wonder off. I told him to come back so we could pay for his whale and the sale owner, who was nearby, said "oh he can have the whale," At which point Ben turned and said "Its an ORCA" lol. He has since named it Splashy.

There have been phases where Ben has been very difficult. Typical three year old stuff. I think we went a good month where he ate ONLY corndogs. But, recently things have been a bit easier again. He has started eating more things, and listens better. He still is a three year old though, so of course there are difficult moments. One particular issue is sibling stuff, of course. He plays too rough with Felicity, or intentionally does things he know will upset her, like this morning he blocked her crawling path when I asked him not to (she was trying to crawl to me). That sort of thing. Hugging her so hard she is tackled to the ground, removing her hand from the table when thats the only thing allowing her to keep her balance, etc. But he does love her. We just have to remind him to be gentle gentle gentle.

And, on 7/23/2015 I started a post about Felicity being 10 months old (as of 7/22). Here is what I wrote:

- She is pulling up on everything and now she will walk holding just ONE Hand, but she still just does not want to let go to stand independently

- She has not said anything that I would consider "her first word" but she mimics so many sounds. Most impressively is her attempts at copying the phrase "There She Is" that we use when we play peek-a-boo with her.

- Her favorite things in the world: Cell Phones, Pacifiers, Mom, Water (swimming, bathing, splashing, drinking) and Laundry

- She is quite good at fine motor skills, picking things up, and getting them to her mouth, no matter how small.

I did take a picture of her on 7/22, at Wednesday night at the races, playing on the turf at East. I hope to add it to this post shortly.


Both kids have changed a ton in the time since I wrote these respective updates, and I will try to do another update for them here in a couple weeks when Felicity hits 11 months (OMG my baby is growing up!)

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