Monday, October 5, 2009


Gandalf is currently in the bathroom making gurgling noises. It sounds like he is drowning, but really he is trying to meow. I should go encourage his attempts by turning on the water for him, but I am pinned down by another purring wonder.

I know I said I would not be blogging again until next weekend, but things change. My training got out earlier than I expected tonight so I thought I would sign on.

We are rapidly discovering that one of the best things about me having a real job is our ability to be impulsive. Last week we decided during the week we were going to LEKY's for the weekend. We did not even arrange a dog sitter until Friday afternoon. Well, its Monday night and we are at the scheming again. I have long wanted to go to an NFL game (that is professional football by the way), but it always got put off due to money or time. This year we are making it a priority. We almost wento the Brown's game last weekend but our hearts were just not into it. But, we decided that this weekend we are going to go to St Louis to see the Minnesota Vikings play the St Louis Rams. So, we will be headed out Friday night, hanging out with the ILs on Saturday, going to the game Sunday, then spending Sunday night in Champaign with our friends from college (B&R). Thank you state of Ohio for giving me Columbus day off!!

Back when I was in school this would have taken major planning on two fronts- money, and managing to get my school work done around or during the trip. Now, its "why not! Lets go!" I love it!!


Laurelyn said...

yay! I'm glad you guys decided to go for it and will fit all sorts of funtime into the weekend!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow - great