Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yes, it is 6:45am on Saturday morning and I am blogging. That is what happens when you get your body used to a set schedule, bed at 11pm, up at 6:30am. Ta da!

Fall is in full swing here! I thought it was in full swing a while ago, but as usual I forget things. I forget just how pretty it gets, how good it smells, and how good I feel when it is just starting out. Its like if you found out you one a $100 on Oct 1st and thought it was great, and then found out the $100 is just the start and you would get a thousand more the next week, and ten thousand more the week after that.

Last night we went to Raising Canes for dinner (I love that place) then to the Halloween shop. I still have one or two bits to work out for my costume but I mostly have it covered. It is a really easy costume to arrange. People who knew me in HS would be able to guess it easily, people at Truman might have a chance, and people now probably wouldn't know I would be inclined to have this costume. After dinner I walked the dog. We walked over to the high school and saw the homecoming parade, then meandered back through the lovely leaves. Back in the house it was time to watch my favorite Halloween movie - The Frighteners. I do not know why I like it, but its fun.

I had book club this week - it was a very small group (four of us). We were discussing One Year of Living Biblically which I actually read back in August. I thought it would comedy, but it was more self help - still not a bad book.

We also finished watching being human with our friends. It is a BBC series that had its first season over the summer. It is about a vampire, werewolf, and ghost that are trying to live normally. It is quite well written and I look forward to the next season.

There were more pictures I wanted to post to catch up but my picture host is being unhelpful, so none of that today.

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