Sunday, October 18, 2009

Major Picture Catchup

I have pictures going as far back as early August that I meant to post and did not get around to it. I have SO many that they won't let me put them all in one post... so here we go!!

DH relaxes on the couch with our "lap dog"

On my drive up to Grandma's in September I noticed an entire field of yellow and had to stop and take pictures.

Then when I got out of the car I realized just how pretty the sky was, so I took pictures of it as well.

When we visited LEKT - pictures of her Amish neighbors (from a long distance, thank you digital zoom)

LEKT's clinic has two kittens they are raising to kill mice. They are adorable! If we are lucky LEKT will post their names, since one of their names was adorable but I can't remember it.

The main focus at LEKT's practice (where she is an intern) is Alpacas. Here is an alpaca with a broken neck. She's stylin'

I also took a lot of artsy pictures of things up there in Burton, so enjoy!

LEKT and DH dance their way back down the driveway towards the house.

The hitching post outside some shopping centers. This is serious Amish country.

We went mini golfing, here is me avoiding a water hazard...

LEKT was not very good, but she had "heart" ROFL

DH impersonating a Samurai or something... I don't really get it.

It may look like I am just stretching but really I am celebrating being all time champion.

Flower at the st Louis Zoo

On the drive from St Louis to Champaign IL the fall colors and sun and clouds were so pretty, so I took some pictures.


Sarah Dee said...

your pictures are beautiful!

Laurelyn said...

:-) I have heart! yay!

The solid orange one is Snarls (the really cute name) and the orange and white one is Barkley :-)

Bob said...

Neat pics - none of Brett???

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. it took a minute, but I laughed at Aaron's Samurai.
The momexpretic