Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back to the ... ?

I was going to title this post "back to the grind", but really its not the grind. I also considered "back to normal", but that implies that what I am returning from is bad, which is not the case. So... lets just say I am getting back.

My friend ended up spending almost two weeks here. It was sort of like being in suspended animation, in a good way. I did not worry about all the stuff I normally do, I did not plan for future stuff (like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc), and likewise I did not worry about future stuff. What I did do was go to work everday, come home, figure out dinner, and hang out with an old friend. We haven't spent two weeks together in almost 10 years. It was nice.

Last night I dropped her off at the bus station so she could begin her 36 hour journey back to England. She originally did not plan to stay at my house for two weeks (she was hoping for more like 5 days), but that is how life is sometimes. The embassy sent her passport to the wrong address, and then UPS screwed up badly and failed to get it to the right address after she paid a lot to have it come a certain day. They also refused to refund any of her money, and made her go out of the way to make sure she got it the next day (a day late per their own policy). I am posting this because I would mind a negative buzz about UPS. What company won't refund a customer's money when the company utterly fails? A bad one!!

Over the past weekend we went out to drinks with friends, went hiking, tried to go to three resteraunts that had permanently shut down, went to coffee with friends, watched some football (go Vikings!) and went to my Grandma's house. Other than that, there have been more movies (Bogeyman, The Mist, StarTrek), more reading of Inkheart. Today is my last day of training at work, tomorrow we move. Wish me luck!!

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