Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween List

I am not quite sure how time passes so quickly and all my good intentions to post about things slip out the window with it. I had a nice long Halloween post in my head, and I almost just posted it last Sunday but decided to wait until I had time to get pictures on here, and guess what, that has not happened. Here,then, is a text version of my Halloween.

It was a great year for Halloween!
(1) I got my Halloween Decorations out nice and early in the month. They consist of pumpkin lights for out front, and some centerpieces and such.
(2) I had a great pumpkin carving party. People enjoyed it. We ate pumpkin pie and pumpkin roll and pumpkin seeds and drank apple cider. We watched football. We made twilight jokes. We all carved adorable or scary or unique pumpkins.
(3) I got to dress up as Agent Scully from the X-Files, one of my favorite shows of all time. I dressed up both for work and for a party on Halloween. A lot of people said I looked good with red hair, but I think it had more to do with the volume of my wig and the fact I actually wore makeup, which I never ever do.
(4) There was a really fun halloween party at my friends house with good conversation, good drinks, and good friends.
(5) We had plenty of trick-or-treaters and had just enough Candy to go around.

That is my halloween recap! Hopefully I will post more quickly on this weekends capers!!

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