Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Little Sister, your the one...

OK. Now thay we got that vacuum cleaner issue out of the way, I can tell you more about my little sister MMK being here. She is 16. She got in late Monday night w/Southwest. They unfortunately lost one of her bags and we had to stay a little late in order to put in the report. She had to survive her first 24 hrs here without her shoes and rollerblades. She somehow managed. Anyways, on the way home we stopped at Steak N' Shake for some delicious ice cream. It made for a fun but late evening, and a short night.

While MMK is here she will be spending most of her time home alone unfortunately. DH and I still have to work most of the time. We may let her drive herself around a bit later on in the stay (when we have had a chance to show her around the neighborhood a bit and given her a chance to drive the boat of a car we have), but fo now she is housebound. On top of that, its been rainy so she can't do the rollerblading or running she planned to. I think she should have enough to do with TV, video games, internet, and books for a couple of days at least.

Last night I took her to the monthly Nestie Dinner to meet my Internet Peeps... all of the women I talk to on the Columbus Nestie board. I warned her that we would likely talk about things uninteresting to her (Jobs, Kids, medical problem - old people stuff). But, she said she had a good time and that "it wasn't as bad as I made it sound". She actually said the most boring thing that we talked about all night was our brief discussion of the book Middlemarch that a couple of us our reading together. Back at home we kidnapped DH from his on-callness and walked with the dogs over to DQ where we all got another tasty treat. At the rate we are going, it will be icecream every night and a couple pounds gained before she leaves. I don't mind for now. After that I introduced her to Rock Band. Apparently she has never played, though in my head she has. She has played a little guitar hero, so she knew the general idea. We enjoyed playing together for an hour or so and then I needed to head to bed to make up for my lack of sleep the previous night. I have a feeling she will be doing a bit of practicing on Rock Band over the next couple of days. I know when she was here last time she would practice Mario Kart during the day so that when we got home she had a chance of beating us. Rock Band is not technically competitive, but we sort of make it that way.

I will probably post one more update today, I am in a talkative mood.

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