Monday, August 2, 2010

11 Hour Work Marathon

Today, I have the great pleasure of working 11 hrs. That would be 7:15 AM to 6:45 PM with a half hour lunch. That is a LONG day. And why am I putting myself through this? For the love of a sister. Tonight my little sister is flying into town and staying for 12 days. I am super excited, but unfortunatley I have to work the whole time because I do not have vacation days yet. In order to make up for this a bit, I have flexed my schedule to get some time off. I figured the best way to flex it this first week would be to work as long a day as possible today when she is not here so I can take time off later in this week when she is hear. My 11 hr day today (along with some other adjustments), will make it possible to only work 2 hrs on Friday morning (7:30 - 9:30 AM) and basically have the whole day to do something. It will be a long, tough day though, and it does not help that I got a migraine overnight.

I used to get migraines ALL OF THE TIME (of varying severity). However I have not had big problems with them for quite sometime and they had even become somewhat predictable, with only the rare migraine coming "out of the blue" so to speak, so I am not amused by this headache. When I woke up at 3:45 AM with pain I figured there must surely be a big weather change or something, but today looks exactly the same as yesterday, and the weather map does not show any sort of system moving in. So, I guess I just have the pleasure of a random headache. Its not too bad right now. I treated it this morning with a hot compress in the form of a cup of hot water from Starbucks. (normally I would just use my Latte from Starbucks, but I figured if they would give me the extra cup of hot water for free, why let my tasty drink cool off?). A starbucks cup is pretty much the perfect hot water compress available. It holds heat decently, they seal it with those little green sticks so it does not spill when I tip it, and its easy to hold and the right shape to press into my eye ball and nose. Best of all, its refillable if there is hot water available. Granted my coworkers may think I am a bit odd when I walk around (OK, actually just sit at my desk), with a Starbucks cup pressed to my head, but I do what I gotta do. The only thing better than a starbucks cup is pressing my face into DH's neck. That would be even more awkward to do at work though, eh? Someone needs to invent an eye patch heating pad. Now THAT would be heaven on earth during a migraine for me!!

So, this post was actually going to be about the weekend. Maybe I should get to that. The weekend passed REALLY quickly. Friday night we took the Dogs to swim at Alum Creek dog park. When we got there, there was one other lady there with 6 black labs! Quite the pack. They were pretty well behaved and our dogs fit right in with them, though River's coloring stuck out quite a bit!! They both clearly enjoyed the water. After that we rented The Informant w/Matt Daemon. It was pretty good, made most interesting by the fact its a true story. Pretty crazy!

Saturday morning I headed to the farmers market with M and J, nice and early, so we could make an early start for Burton, OH, where my sister was hosting a family BBQ. We got up there around 1:30pm. Other people came around 4:30PM. It was a lot of fun, pretty much everyone came. We ate well, had good conversation, I found out about this grill my uncle has that used to be my Grandpa's, its pretty neat. Despite having tried to plan it so we could stay nice and late, we ended up being some of the first people to leave. Always the case. We need to host something at our house so they call can see it and so that we are not the first to leave!!

Sunday I slept in a bit (it had been a long night, we did not get home until very late due to traffic and then River was hyper from being crated all day). In the early afternoon I went to see Inception with M and W. This movie, if you have not heard, is growing rapidly in popularity and pretty much everyone I talk to on a regular basis here in Columbus either has seen it and recommends it or wants to see it. After seeing it, I can understand why. It is a very good movie, and very original. That said, while I did enjoy it, and I do recommend it, it did not quite live up to the expectations I had set for it, which were admittedly quite high. My biggest demand on fiction, especially sci fi or fantasy, is internal consistency. So you say dogs can fly? Great! I believe it! Just make sure its consistent about which dogs can fly and how high!! This movie lacked a tiny bit of that, and it was enough to fail my expectations, but its still a good movie, really creative and quite beautiful to watch.

Unfortunately when I came out of the movie I did not feel well and started my decline into migraine-ness. I did not get anything done I had planned that afternoon, and as a result, I hope my little sister can tolerate a bit of a mess!!

Thats all that I have got going on. Oh, and my recent addiction to Lego Harry Potter for Nintendo DS (thanks again ILs for supporting my DS dreams). Mmm. Harry Potter.

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