Friday, August 13, 2010

Sister's Stay in Review

I haven't posted in a while, besides that aside. I have been too busy showing my little sis a good time. We packed A LOT into two weeks. In lieu of a normal linear summary, I have reviewed all of the places we went and things we did. Enjoy!!

Frankie's Cafe ** Had Nestie Dinner hear on Tuesday night. We went to this as it was advertised as a Mexican restaurant, but on all the websites I can find on it, it is called an Italian restaurant. The menu was a bit schizophrenic. The food was not bad, but I think they need Chef Ramsey's help.

Lucky's Grille **** Trivia on Wednesday night. Always decent food, good game, great service.

City BBQ **** We just love BBQ and this is a Columbus classic

Rock Band ***** I managed to get my sis addicted very quickly. Incedently, when I went on this website to make this link, I also read up on the upcoming Rock Band 3. I am SOO excited. It is going to have Crazy Train and Smash Mouth and other good things, and it adds a Key board, and harmony, and a play game feature that actually teaches you the instruments.

Ohio State Fair **** My sis enjoyed this so much we went back for a second day. It was a lot of fun, though a bit hot and I can't help but think its not as good as the MN fair.

TGIFRidays **** I had a really delicious tropical salad and Hurricane, and my sis's salad was good, but they did not do very well with DHs ribs - not really a half rack, and my shrimp was much better than his!

Columbus Bowling Palace **** Clean and friendly, my first time bowling here in Columbus and I am sure we will be back more often now that we know its a good place. Dh and sis liked it so much they went back for some after-midnight bowling the night before sis left. I was in bed.

Zoombezi Bay I am torn on the rating for this, they have some really great rides, I would say ***** for ride quality, but unfortunately it got way overcrowded as the afternoon progressed and their line management was horrendous (like having to wait in the same line as a popular ride for a less popular ride). I think it would be a great weekday activity.

Bamboo Cafe ***** Inadvertant discovery on Bethel Rd when my sis vetoed the vegitarian Banana Leaf Cafe we were headed for. It is in the same strip mall, and is surprisingly relaxing and posh given the surroundings, and the food was deliciously fresh.

Gallery Hop **** We also inadvertantly did this, guess it was an inadvertant night. We went down to the Short North and then realized it was the first Saturday of the month. It was a particularly good one, with lots of street musicians and a generally jovial atmosphere.

Jeni's Ice Cream ***** Always a good decision, even with the crowds the employees were great about giving samples and the summer selection was amazing. After sampling the Cucumber Sake and a number of other flavors, I went with Goat Cheese Cherry and Queen City Cayenne, a wonderful conversation if I may say so. Everyone got something delicious.

Sugar Daddy's *** This is a brownie store. I am only giving them three stars because they have short hours and we had some issues getting to them. Sis ended up picking up three brownies for us - Rasberry, Mint, and Peanut Butter. The rasberry and mint were delicious, but the peanut butter was too strong and we did not even finish it.

Tranquility ***** This is where my little sister took me for a surprise massage and I was very impressed with the atmosphere and service.

Caribou Coffee ***** Sis and I also indulged in this a few times. I heart their Campfire Mocha!

Red Robin ***** This has become my ideal burger. So delicious!!

Chili's Resteraunt ** OK, so their queso is still tasty, but we were disapointed with pretty much everything else we got.

Scioto Downs ** Yes. We took my 16 yr old sis to the track. She was better at picking horses than me or DH!! I always have guilt trip issues with gambling, so only two stars.

Pig Iron *** normally Pig Iron gets 4-5 stars, but their corn pudding was too bready this time and they lose some points because of it, as that is my favorite part of any bbq restaurant!

Magic Mountain *** Went here for mini golf. A bit overcrowded, but a challenging and fun course, inside they had a kids playland that I would have gone gaga for if I was a kid.

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