Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice World

I'm an icey girl, in an icey world... liking plastic (scrapers), its fantastic...

We got freezing rain overnight, a lot of it. It turned our yard and driveway into a skating rink. I don't mind, it was kind of fun. It took 10-15 minutes to dethaw my car this morning, but the drive was not bad once I got going. DH stayed home since he is allowed to work from home occasionally. Work place was half empty, that was kind of fun too. It is supposed to be even worse tomorrow - more freezing rain overnight and then snow in the morning on top of all that ice. I expect to be able to make it to work, but who knows who else will!!

It is now the second month of 2011. Time is really really flying, it is hard to believe how fast it has gone so far. In terms of resolutions, I am doing pretty well. Instead of listing all of my successes, which are many, I will discuss the handful of failures. First, exercise. I have just not managed to find the place for this in my routine. I might need to think of some alternate forms of exercise to make it more manageable. Second, pictures. I have taken <20 pics this month and not of anything at all useable/interested. Some ice shots over the last day or two, and a picture of the pets here and there, thats it. Third, I have yet to really start my reading resolution, just have not got around to it, but I am not worried. It is only 40 books. Last year I read 85, so even if theoretically I don't get cracking until July I should be OK. It would be good to start though.

Other things are going well - cooking, cleaning, new music, new (classic) movies, more varied diet, less fast food.

Thats all I got for now folks. My Rock Band that was downloading an update just loaded... got to go rock it out!!

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