Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Saturday

Woke up to a dog licking my face at 7:30am. Got up. Took the dogs on their normal walk. Got home. Put the dogs in the car and took them to Alum Creek and took them walking on the dam. Stopped at Starbucks. Came home. Took a hot shower. Sat and drank my Latte, watching the first part of "The Shining". Got dressed. Drove downtown with DH to pick up his car. Chatted with my little sister on the phone. Ate lunch. Watched "Law&Order: SVU". Played Rock Band. Went shopping with DH for work clothes (bought new brown close-toed shoes for the new dress code"). Came home. Walked with DH while he walked the dogs. Ordered Pizza. Watched "Angel". Watched "River Monsters". Went grocery shopping. Came home. Had a campfire with DH. At S'mores, star gazed. Took a hot shower. Read. Now watching "Angel" with DH again.

Nice day off.

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Laurelyn said...

campfire?!!! jealous!