Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Singers and Down Time

Sorry I don't post often anymore. There are multiple reasons. First is that I am back to not being able to post at work, and as explained before, end up with very little computer time at home. Second, my day to day life just isn't that interesting and I feel like I repeat myself a lot. Third, to be honest a lot of the things that occupy the bulk of my mental energy are things I don't want to post about. But I am still enjoying posting about my progress with regards to expanding my music/movies/books horizons and I don't mind throwing some tidbits in about my day to day life. Sorry if it gets boring for everyone! You are, of course, welcome to stop reading, though that might make me make a frown face :-(

Last week in music, I inadvertantly had a sort of "singer" theme going. I listened to Elton John, Michael Buble, Neil Diamond, Nat King Cole, Fiona Apple, Carpenters, Jimmy Buffet... and probably some I am forgetting. A definite change from my previous Alice in Chains, Metallica, Soundgarden, Guns & Roses etc play list. I don't really have an opinion on most of these singers/artists. I don't like Fiona Apple. Jimmy Buffet's music was much different than I expected, probably in a good way. The CD I have of Michael Buble was a cover of a bunch of old classic songs, which I enjoyed very much but perhaps does not show me what he is all about. There were of course John Elton songs that I recognized, it was cool for example to hear the original "How wonderful life is, now that your in the world", (which I believe is actually called "your song"?) as I have been enjoying its incorporation into Moulin Rouge for the last several years. I also recognized a handful of songs from Carpenters, merely out of their quirkiness I think (interplanetary crafts). In general, all of these singer types are fine, and some of them have particular songs I really enjoy, but they are not something I need to seek out.

This weekend went by so quickly. It was enjoyable and productive and relaxing, but now its gone. Time is like that a lot of the time, eh? Friday night we just hung out. I played some Rock Band, watched some TV. Nothing in particular. Saturday morning I was supposed to meet some girls for a "walking group" at Highbanks Metropark. I was the only one that showed up, but that wasn't so bad because it was a nice walk and a good chance to clear my head. I just took some unscheduled me time for the rest of the morning. I went to the library and sat and read/wrote, I went to Panera's and had some coffee, sat by the fire. After that the road conditions/weather sent me home, where I played some Rock Band. Then, the weather improved again, I headed up to Polaris and looked for a terracloth bath robe. I have been looking for one forever, they are not exactly easy to find at the moment, as everything is polar fleece. I did eventually find one though and am very happy with it. I now have a full range of robes for all of my drying and cuddling needs. While I was at the mall I also stopped by Game Stop to see about trading in a game. I did not end up trading it in, but I did manage to talk myself into purchasing the Keyboard for Rock Band. Back home we ate dinner and watched Das Boot (DH had never seen it), and then I tried out the new Keyboard. It is fun, a nice addition to the game. The only problem is that I have 280 songs, and only 63 of them have keyboard parts (only those that came with Rockband 3). 63 is still a lot though, I guess, and if I get bored of them I can always download more. LOL. I am such a Rock Band addict at this point, its ridiculous.

Yesterday was the big game. I slept in until 9am and then spent most of the day cleaning/prepping. Our first floor is quite clean right now!! I always say "lets keep it that way" but that never works, although it has been better recently than previously I would say. The game was a lot of fun. We actually had two TVs set up, the main one in the family room as normal, and then the smaller TV from our bedroom was set up in the dining room for those people who really did not care about the game and were there to socialize. We had a ton of food, good drinks, the game was great and the team everyone was cheering for won (The Packers), so it was a big success I think. It was our fourth Super Bowl party, and perhaps our last, or at least our last of this nature. So many people are leaving this coming summer, scattering across the country as they find professorships or get near the end of graduate school. It makes it feel like we need to get moving too, off to Minnesota where we want to really settle in, but unfortunately the job market is not cooperating. Oh well. Patience.

Now its back to work, although I really want a nap.


Allison said...

I'll stick around and read about your daily life or whatever you write about :)

Oh, and it's Elton John...not John Elton as you wrote toward the bottom of the paragraph :) Hard to remember that if it isn't ingrained in your head!

Laurelyn said...

I'll read too :-)

If you like Elton John, he's coming to Duluth this spring. They were making a big deal out of not telling anyone WHO it was, just that a big concert was coming. Personally, I'm glad it's just him, because I don't need to try to get tickets :-P

How'd Aaron like Das Boot? It was a clue in a crossword I did this week, and I was very dissapointed that the answer was "UBOAT" not "UBOOT" But I ramble...


Sarah Dee said...

OOO, that's really excited about the keyboard!

I love "Your Song". R. and I danced to the version from Moulin Rouge for our first dance. I liked that version better because of the emotion of McGreggor.