Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Work Changes

There are a lot of changes happening at work. The one that is the most talked about at the moment is a new dress code. People are furious about it. Me, well, I am not excited about it, but its not a big surprise. How can it be a surprise that the new director does not like people running around in sweats and pajamas and various outfits more suitable for clubbing than for work? Granted, our work is incredibly solitary. If I chose, I could go almost all day w/out speaking to anyone at the office. I used to actually have days like that before I made friends - 8 hrs and not even a sentence exchanged with my coworkers. Anyways, people dress badly. I feel like other people abuse the lack of dress code, and I am sure there are people who feel like I abuse it, by for example wearing jeans that have worn or torn cuffs on the bottom.

When they issued the dress code it upset me because the way it was being handled. A week ago Friday (now 11 days ago), we were sat down and told that there was a dress code coming out for Monday. We were given nothing in writing and told it would start immediately. I was very annoyed that we had nothing in writing and that it was being treated so secretively, so top down. I was upset that the new director had not issued any sort of statements as to the goals he is pursuing for the agency or the purpose of the policy change. It came off as a power trip and very passive aggressive. But, the code itself really is not that big of deal for me. I have been pretty much wearing all business casual tops since I started here and its not hard to switch from jeans to khaki's/dress pants.

As it turns out, the messy implementation got better. Apparently not all units had been informed of the same rapidity of change and the dress code actually didn't start on Monday. Now we have a written code that is less severe than they originally projected and the new director has "conceded" casual Fridays. We also have a set implementation date and no more of this confusing crap. So, in my opinion, while it was handled very poorly over the last couple of weeks. it is now sorted out and my worries and complaints have been largely addressed.

This is not true of my coworkers. Their complaints seem to be of the "I hate change" and the "I want to wear anything I feel like!" variety. I had one coworker say "What I really hate about it is that it doesn't even give you an option of dressing down, like what if I am having a bad day or cramps and just want to wear sweats???". Um. This is the point of a dress code. To not give you the option of looking like sh*t. Today they were complaining about the rule that leggings are only appropriate if the sweater/shirt over them reaches w/in 4 inches of the knee. A girl was wearing a cute outfit w/leggings, boots, and a long sweater that will not fit the dress code and the three of my unit-mates were saying "that is totally work appropriate! Why shouldn't she wear it?" Granted, it was very cute, but I am not sure where they are getting their perception of work appropriate from. Would she wear that to a job interview? To an important meeting? Would she wear it if she were giving a presentation? I doubt it.

Anyways. The dress code officially begins on 3/28 now. They have pushed back the implementation and done away with the grace period, as it was obvious people were planning to ignore the code until the grace period was over anyways. There are also people at my office who think they are being all rebellious and genius by planning a "protest" in the form of wearing all black the first day of the dress code. First, why on earth would the new administration notice or care? Second, its incredibly juvenile, "Look at us! We are all sulky that you put a new dress code, but too afraid to break it!!". And there are people who are uber-naive and think that actions like this will "run the new director out real quick". Of course, this is the same person who told us in all seriousness that she does not support cancer research because cancer has actually been cured already and its just a big conspiracy so that drug companies can make money. Right.

So that's the dress code. I am pretty much planning to start following it now. I have been already for the last week. Starting now will give me a chance to fill in any problems with my wardrobe before it is actually implemented. I already figured out I needed new brown dress shows and new socks.

Other changes? They are studying the cost effectiveness of overtime, so I will be working a lot less of it in March and maybe April. This is sad because I was enjoying all the extra money, but its also nice because it means I will actually be working 7am-3:30pm starting next week, and I think I will feel like I have so much more free time to work towards some of my new years resolutions and get some projects done.

There are other little, internal type changes which would take way to much energy to explain. Suffice it to say people are bitching about those changes nonsensically as well, despite how minor they are.

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