Friday, June 3, 2011


Here is one of the posts I wrote and never posted:

DHs schedule is extremely flexible. It does not really matter when he gets in the morning, or really when he leaves, as long as he is there for about 8 hrs and is getting work done at a reasonable pace. I see this as a huge advantage. DH has started to see it as a curse. Why? Because he has to this point been incapable of establishing any sort of morning routine that has him up and moving as early as he would like to be, because there is no pressure to get to work. I get up like clockwork on work days. 6am everyday. It is just easier for me that way. My body comes to expect it, so that no matter when I go to bed my body is at least somewhat ready to wake up at that time. DH on the other hand faces quite the battle. He typically sets his alarm to go off before mine, perhaps 5:45AM, perhaps so early as 5AM. I would say that 75% of the time he does not get up when this early alarm goes off, but rather just sleeps until after I get up and shower, or even until after I leave at 6:30am. The other 25% of the time he does get up with his alarm, but even then -- the battle is only half over. He will get up, at lets say, 5am, and take a shower. Then crawl back into bed and proceed to sleep until after I leave. Seems really pointless to me, but he loves napping. Does this post have a point? Not really. Just something DH and I have been chatting about recently. I still say he is spoiled. How lovely it would be to say, every once in a while, you know what, I don't feel good this AM, I am going to sleep in an extra hour!! Although, I know from personal experience I would be likely to have the same problem with it as DH does. When I was in graduate school and when I was unemployed, which, less face it, are not all that disimilar, I struggled to get up at a decent hour. What can I say, we are not a very motivated couple. LOL.

DHs sleep habits used to annoy me. Now I tell him to enjoy it while he can!!

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