Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Speaking of...

From Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon was the single parent to two dogs, three cats, and one future child. I posted this on facebook and many people commented that the future child was easy to take care of. I still contend that the future child is the hardest of the 6!! Future Child, hence forth dubbed FC, prevents me from walking the dogs or cleaning up after the cats, drains my energy, tells me not to eat things all the time, and makes me walk slow. But, I still like FC. Quite a bit.

Speaking of FC. I knew from an academic perspective my "morning" sickness could get worse, but I guess I had sort of assumed it wouldn't because it has held constant for 2 or so weeks now and I am nearing the time when morning sickness is supposed to abate (in like 2 weeks), so I was sort of caught off guard over the last couple of days when it significantly worsened. Now I am having issues getting enough calories, and, this is TMI, but I actually vomited for the first time today. Until now it has just been nausea. And can anyone explain to me why tacobell still appeals to me even when I can hardly stomach anything? Anyone?

Speaking of food, I went out for BBQ with a friend on Saturday afternoon - and the resteraunt (Hoggy's) didn't have potato salad!!! What is up with this columbus? All BBQ places should carry potato salad, the end. I went out because I wanted to, but also to make DH jealous. He was doing something to make me jealous - he was at KungFu Panda 2 with my brother and FSIL and I wished I could be there, but I knew he would wish he could go out with me and T for BBQ.
Speaking of DH being out of town, I was amazed by the support I got while DH was out of town. I know I have friends and family here, but I had always wondered in the back of my mind if I really had anyone here I could count on in a crunch, and the answer is clearly yes. Two of my couple friends - R&J and J&S, along with my cousin B, made sure the dogs got walked twice a day. My friend R (same as from R&J) also helped me pick up after the cats. My aunt came over to help with some lingering medical stuff, and brought my veggies I was craving one night. I also had all of these people, as well as 3 other friends in town, tell me I should call them if I needed anything or had any problems. It was pretty great to realize how much support we have here.

Speaking of here versus other places. I am pretty sure I have mentioned on here that DH and I would like to move back to MN, preferably Duluth. Well, the reason he was out of town was for a job interview in Duluth. Unfortunately he did not get the position. It is pretty disapointing. We thought he was a strong candidate because they flew him up there for it (we expected to pay for the ticket), but alas. He got a nice little vacay with my family though. We will continue to apply for jobs. The worst part is today I feel like the weather is just making fun of me and mocking me. Yesterday it was 102 in the Twin Cities and 57 in Duluth, as if to say "yeah, you know there is a big diff between living in your hometown and just making it back to MN!!" and then today it is supposed to be 98 degrees here and it is again around 55-60 in Duluth. As if to say "you know you want to be here, ha ha at you!". I hate heat.

Speaking of heat. I was surprised with a miserable new pregnancy symptom on Saturday night - hives all over my body. Itchy as heck. And yes, heck is itchy. Since that time I have decided I think it was triggered by spending so much time on Saturday out in the sun. Multiple friends have reported that they had this problem while they are pregnant, and I can't really come up with any other trigger or allergic exposure. Note to self - avoid being out in the heat as much as possible, even if its shady and its for something fun. At the moment I am still getting very mild hives under my clothes, or from where I lay at night- you know, any skin surface that is really constricted and gets hot and sweaty? But it is improving drastically every day.

Speaking of something fun, the thing I was doing out in the sun was attending the Victorian Village garage sale. I think its technically called the Short North garage sale, but that is just weird since its not really at the Short North. I went with 4 friends and we had a blast. I bought some VHS and books, but my real treasure of the day is a new lamp, one that is very adult and pretty and both DH and I like. It is blue with red flowers and gold detailing. I would say I would post a pic, but we all know by now that probably won't happen. You all will just have to visit me to see it.

Speaking of visits. I apparently forgot to tell you all about a massive dinner party we had with 10 guests. It was 1930s theme and was a murder mystery party with a formal sit down 7 course dinner, canopes before hand, and coffee afterwards. I am sure it will be the fanciest thing I am ever involved in planning.

Speaking of planning. I have spent the last 3 weeks or so avoiding planning past this week and now am left in this strange situation mentally where everything seems disorganized/unplanned when nothing really has happened to make it such. I seriously have not committed to any plans beyond this week. I have not made decisions about things to do for the summer or thought any more about the baby moon I hope to take at the end of the summer/early fall. I have not thought about what we will do for July 4th or what needs to happen with the gardens or summer projects or revised resolutions for the rest of the year, or anything. Time to start thinking about these things I guess!!

Speaking of thinking... I am all out of thoughts. Hope you enjoyed my post.

Actually I lied. Last thought of the day: It is way to fricking hot. I just tried to walk the dogs with DH and only made it 3/16 of the way around before having to turn around!!

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Sarah Dee said...

I didn't know you were having food aversions/sickness. I'm sure a seafood place was just where you wanted to be last Monday.

I try to go with the rule "it's my blog, I'll bitch if I want to, except about people that read my blog."