Friday, August 24, 2012

Busy Times!

What has been keeping me so busy that I have not taken the time to update you fine folks on the happenings or my latest musings??

Last week was a blur, and short. Thursday afternoon my MIL arrived from STL to spend the weekend with her grandson (and son... and DIL, lol). Anyways, I arrived home on Thursday afternoon to find her, DH, and Benjamin on the porch swing, and Benjamin was covered in chocolate chip cookie. Adorable! That night we went out to eat at Little Angie's, Benjamin woke up in the middle of the meal and demolished a piece of asparagus and pineapple and then insisted on pounding a spoon on the table. Friday MIL and I ran errands - we bought a large chunk of DS's 12m wardrobe, got DHs birthday present, returned some paint that we had been oversold, etc etc. After DH got off work we ate pizza. Later in the evening we watched 'The Vow", which was not as good as I had hoped (not bad either, just not great). Saturday we went to an estate sale, then came home and DH&MIL watched Benjamin while I baked two cakes, then we headed out to my parents for a joint birthday party for DH and my father. It was big, and a ton of fun! I did not get to swim as I had hoped because it thunderstormed, but still a blast! Sunday we headed down to the Bayfront Art Festival, it was so beautiful out, and Bayfront is (shockingly) right on the Bay. The water was sparkling blue, the breeze was cool, the art was interesting. We watched a boat leave under the Aeriel Lift Bridge. It was so perfect!! In the evening we gave DS spaghetti which was a lot of fun, and MIL worked on making us curtains.

Then the work week began (MIL went home), which passed really quickly. Monday night was kind of recovery from a fun but busy weekend. Tuesday I had book club. While I was out DH failed at putting DS to bed, DS came as close to crawling as he has been (moved his back legs some, hard to explain), and then when I got home DS demonstrated that he was getting active enough to need his crib lowered. For the first time I went in there when he was crying to find that he was pulled up on the rail. While he has been occasionally capable of going from laying on his back to sitting/pulling up, he was not doing it on a regular basis or in his crib, but he does now! Wednesday night we lowered the crib and DH had his fantasy football draft for his Columbus league. Thursday afternoon I went to a volunteer event at work - we cleaned out a flood damaged basement on East Hillside, it was a win all around - the lady got her house cleaned, we felt we had done something good, the company looked good, and we got to go home 45 minutes early. I changed out  my gross clothes and into a cute summer outfit, and squeezed in a trip to the grocery story before picking up DS early, then cooked a from scratch (without a recipe even) healthy dinner that I really enjoyed making and eating!! Tonight we went to my parents house, I finally got that Swim I was craving, we fed DS pizza and greenbeans and enjoyed my family's company.

It has been a very busy but good couple of weeks, wouldn't you say??

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