Saturday, August 25, 2012


Benjamin started crawling!!

This morning we got up at 8:30am (actually that was DS/DHs second time up, but as a family we we got up at 8:30, LOL). I fed Benjamin and pumped, and then we sauntered downstairs around 9am to start getting ready for our fantasy football draft. I started my coffee and got signed in on the laptop with Benjamin on the floor by my feet while DH signed in to the desktop in the office. And right there, at 9:15am, right before DH and I were both supposed to be doing something that took a good chunk of our attention, he decided that he wanted the laptop cords, and started crawling!! I told DH so he could come see, then grabbed my camera, moved him back away from the cords, and got this:

OK, so his timing was not great. Ten minutes before DH and I are supposed to have the bulk of our attention on something else and he becomes able to make more trouble than ever! LOL. The draft, which involved a lot of chasing down of baby and last second decision making, went fine. Afterwards we headed out to Target and picked up the baby-proofing basics, then came home and started installing it all (yes.. we are last minute people). We now have outlet covers in, and we have a permanent baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. We still need to do furniture anchoring. 
It is really amazing to see him grow and develop. Crawling is such a huge step! I did not realize how awesome (literally awe inspiring) it would be when he started! Our little man is on the go, he is so proud of himself too. I love it! Also, it is amazing how once he did it one time he was totally on the go and expert! Although - he took a long time to be brave enough to try to move from carpet to wood floor, and still will stop at the edge of the tile! Suddenly he also is way more interested in his rolling toys (so thanks Gma Y for bringing one up for him last weekend!)


Rachel said...

We showed the video to Maggie and she got very excited!
Dumb question: what is "furniture anchoring?" (I suppose I should know that...)

Allison said...

He is SO cute!!! I love the video--he's so proud of himself. takes me back to when E was reaching all of these milestones!

Miryam said...

This video is the most awesome thing I've seen today. Go baby go!

Sarah Dee said...

Way to be cute Benjamin!