Friday, August 31, 2012


When Benjamin was younger I always sang while I rocked him. I figured it was mostly for me, but whatever works. Lately I have only been singing to him when he is really fussy or having trouble falling asleep, and lately I recognize it actually is for both of us, he does respond to it and it passes the time for me. I sort of have a set line up by this time.

First I sing "Castle on a Cloud" from Les Miserables:

Then I move on to a shortened rendition of "When You Dream" by Barenaked Ladies:

After that, its "Under the Quarter Moon", but I always can only remember the first verse. Sometimes I sing the first verse & chorus ten times in a row, its so relaxing.

Usually I am done by now, and he is asleep, but if not, I will sing Tin Soldier. My rendition is much slower than the original:

There are a couple other songs I occasionally throw in. A slow version of "You are my sunshine", "let it be" by the Beattles, or "Lovely Agnes"

And that pretty much completes my lullaby line up. Do you sing lullabies?


Allison said...

Yep. I had the same line up for a very long time with E since we did sing and rock for a really long time. I find myself falling into the same line up for N, but usually only one or two songs and then lay him down awake. He really seems to react positively to my singing, so I enjoy singing to him and do it quite a bit. We sing: You Are My Sunshine, ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, Carmen Ohio, then some other religious songs. I used to sing Amazing Grace to E, too.

Sarah Dee said...

How sweet! I dont, and never felt natural doing it
It makes me sad since I have such fond memories of my mother's.

We both sing frequently around the house though.