Tuesday, October 9, 2012

9 Months Old!!

I pulled up the 8 month post to see what was different from a month ago... Looking at the pictures, I cannot believe how long ago that photo shoot seems!! It is definitely too cool now for an outdoor photo shoot (at least without jackets!!)

We celebrated Benjamin's 9 month birthday with a family get together at my parents house. Pizza party! For dessert, a delicious Pumpkin Bread Pudding. Benjamin was kinda moody, he was cutting a tooth, so it was hard to get a good picture. But this is what we did get!!

Food: It is probably obvious from above, solids are going well! His favorite food is already Pizza... that might make us bad parents!! We hardly think about how we give him his food any more (like what size the pieces are or anything), because he manages it. He has the chewing thing down, even without grinding teeth! He also likes chicken. He loved Autumn Shepards Pie and my Mom's beef stew. And, of course, he likes pumpkin bread pudding and pretty much anything sweet!! Sometimes he does reduce breast milk because he has eaten solids well. He is eating less breast milk at daycare as well. It is nerve wracking thinking about letting my supply diminish, but that is just how it works!!

Mobility He crawls very fast. He pulls up. He stands (as shown in my last post). I am sure it will be standing a lot and walking soon enough. but not quite yet. He has not shown any interest in the stairs, despite successfully climbing them (2 steps) shortly after starting crawling.

Play: He has way more concentration. He plays with toys more like toys, and he listens more when you read books. I consider "Moo, Baa, La La La" to be his favorite. He loves the way I make the animal noises. Yesterday he was playing peekaboo, where he was going behind the bathroom door, and then coming back out to surprise us. Adorable! He would crawl behind it, then we would say "where is Benjamin? Where did he go?" then he would come back out laughing his head out and we would exclaim "There's Benjamin!!!" It was so fun! He rolls his trucks all over the place. He loves the wooden spoon we keep in his play box. He hits the floor with it, or chews on it, or hits an overturned bowl with it. He goes after the dog water bowl and laughs with delight when we chase him down and pick him up. He likes to chase the cats, the black one, Nox, does not run (she plays possum, not so affective). My older sis gave him a tennis ball, and we roll that around with him. We also have an acorn squash in his toy box.... he likes to lift it up! Build those little muscles!

Speech: He continues to pick up sounds. He babbles a lot more now when he is playing. We noticed though that he "talks" the most when he is eating!!!

Sleep: No real consistent change. Some nights are better, some are worse. I have been using DHs help more often. I need to start night weaning, but it is easier said then done.

Health: He has actually been pretty healthy! KNOCK ON WOOD big time! (Especially since DH is sick today...). He does have eczema, as suggested a month ago. He now can only get 2 baths a week (and one of them is always Saturday after his swim lessons). We got a new lotion (Renew from Melaleuca) which seems to be really great, but he still acts like he has an itchy chest whenever you take his shirt off. Poor baby!! He had his 9m appointment today. He weights 20lbs 11 oz (60th percentile) and is 28.5 inches tall (50th percentile). Although... I am not so confident in their measurement for the height! He looked all turtle necked to me!! I would give him another half inch. LOL. His head is still big... 75th percentile!! He has three confirmed teeth  and I would not be surprised if its four after today, or by tomorrow morning. Over the weekend he cut the top left canine, and the right is coming soon after the left.

Other: As mentioned, he is in swim lessons! We have had four now, and have another three left. He likes them for the most part, though the timing is off because he always is ready for a nap and meal right when they end (which means he is sometimes grumpy). I swear, the first phrase he really understood and responded to months and months ago was "kick kick kick!!" in the bathtub, so that comes in handy in the pool! His eyes are really grey now! We will see if they keep going, three months until they are "set" (not that that is a hard and fast rule).  I think thats it.. though I reserve the right to post again when I have forgotten something.

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