Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yeah, More of me Waxing Poetically about the Seasons...

There are fall days that remind you summer is ending - tinged leaves, a crispness in the air, apple cider and bright sunshine. Then there are fall days that remind you that winter is coming. Today was the latter. Not just crisp, but actually cold, so that you wish you had remembered your gloves.  Very windy, leaves and dust blowing around. Flat, gray, and cloudy.

Driving home from work, my scenic overlook showed a lake covered in white caps, with water that was surprisingly blue given the cloud cover - the kind of blue that reminds you of why we use that color to denote cold.  Quite different from the mirror calm pastel lake from my previous posts!

I love the early days of fall, but I also love these days. They make me feel alive.