Sunday, October 21, 2012

High and .. (Low?)

My message board does a thing every Sunday night/Monday morning, where we report what the high and low of our weekend was. It is often at this time that I realize how good (or how bad) my weekend was. This weekend was a big time winner!! I could not choose a high, because we did so many fun things, and I struggled to come up with a low. Here is my weekend: 

Friday Night: We went out to my parents house for Pizza with them and my little sis. Pizza was good. Company was good. Benjamin ate well, played well, and went to sleep on the car ride home. He slept decently for him! (meaning up every 2-3 hrs to eat, and not hard to put down). (I know I should night wean... but for now if nursing at night means not fighting to put him down, I am gonna do it!)

Swimming Lesson - We went to Benjamin's 5th swim lesson. He did not get grumpy during it as he sometimes does. We floated on a kick board. We floated on a noodle. We splashed a little. We back floated. We went underwater twice. Benjamin loves the pool version of "wheels on the bus", it always makes him smile. 
Boo at the Zoo - We stuck his shark costume on Benjamin and headed for the zoo. He got to "trick or treat" a little. He was pretty ambivalent about a lot of it, but the whole trip was worth it based on his reaction to the Lion and then the Tiger. The tiger was pacing and came really close to the glass for him. It was cool and he was fascinated. He also enjoyed the chocolate I gave him on the walk back to our car!!
OSU Football  - We got back from the zoo just in time to see OSU make a great comeback to beat Purdue! Go Buckeyes!
Nap: DH said he wanted to take a family nap. I said it was up to Benjamin. Benjamin agreed with the idea and we all slept away the afternoon.
Dinner and a Movie: We went to the grocery store as a family and got dinner and rented a movie. Benjamin was a lot of fun to play with in the evening and went to bed at his normal time so DH and I could watch Dark Shadows, which was weird but entertaining. Benjamin, once again, slept decently. 

A Stroll: Benjamin slept in until almost 8, so we all got up together as a family instead of me sleeping in after them. We went for a really long morning walk with the dog. (We were going to try and get donuts, but as DH predicted, the local bakery was closed), but it was such a nice walk, and Benjamin was super talkative during it. 
Breakfast: When we got back to the house, after a quick grocery run, I made scrambled omelet for us and we ate breakfast as a family, then had a fun play time. Benjamin was really into reading a book, gave it a lot of attention. It is a $1 Crayola book about colors. It just is a board book with pictures on each page of things of a certain color. He kept flipping between the "green" page and the cover, and I eventually realized he was recognizing that the same picture was in both places (a frog). It was so cool!
Sister Sister: My little sister came over and we enjoyed some time planning next weeks Halloween party. Mainly menu, because we are food obsessed!
Football: We watched the Vikings game. Benjamin enjoyed our Touchdown dance. Then Benjamin decided to climb the stairs and it was adorable. He is getting big! 
Trail Ride: I headed out to my parents house before the game ended to ride with my mom. It was a lot of fun!
Family Time: When the ride was over my family started showing up - DH brought Bry guy, my brother and his wife, and my BIL all arrived. We enjoyed watching Benjamin walk around pushing a train my mom dragged out, crawl around, climb on stuff. We ate yummy brats and tasty apple cake, and just generally enjoyed each others company! Benjamin fell asleep on the way home and transitioned easily into his crib, where he is sleeping now. 

See? Pretty good weekend. I struggled to come up with a low. The first possible low I thought up was "no productivity"... we did nothing productive in terms of house work or unpacking etc. However, I think the weekend was still well spent. Then I remembered the real low. We (probably me...) left the freezer door open overnight Saturday to Sunday. We had to throw out a lot of food and about a 1/3 of my breast milk stash. Sad :( 

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