Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10 Months Old!

Despite my "spoiler" post a few days ago, I do feel like I have a couple things to tell you for Benjamin's 10 month update!!

Over the weekend I declared him a "stander" because I saw him stand for 17 seconds while pointing all over the room and trying to look up at me. I think he can stand however long he wants now.

Then, on Sunday, he took a step. He was standing next to me, having just used me to pull up, and he took a step towards DH. It was a little step, it was followed by him falling, but it was a step. After saying "WAS THAT A STEP???" two or three times to DH, I then almost started crying. LOL. So not ready for this!! He is growing up!

He likes us to read him books. He loves his number book with "three kittens", because he wants to stop and point at the cats. He does not usually let you finish books, but hands you a new one as soon as you get started on one (usually). But he occasionally just sits and listens (or looks at the pictures) for multiple books. He was loving the touch+feel farm animal book tonight, especially the pigs bristly head. (sandpaper).

Here are some pics from Yesterday!! Unfortunately he was a bit sick - snotty nose and runny eyes, which shows up big time in some of these pics, but he was still laughing and having fun! Its a lot harder to get pictures of him now then it was a few months ago!

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