Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Sometime time I get around to posting something on this blog I feel like its old news. It often has already appeared on Facebook, Google, and my message board. But, this is the only place I am sure it will "stick", that I am sure I will be able to find it if I want to go back a year from now and see what we did.

Our Halloween Celebration began 10 days ago at Boo at the Zoo, which I already wrote about.

Then, we had a Halloween Birthday party for Benjamin's friend K (son of a good family friend). Benjamin was super shy when we got there. There were not very many kids at the beginning either. But, eventually, after we sat on the floor with him a bit he got curious about the toys and the handful of other kids. Some pics - one of his shark costume in general, one of him and K, and one of him "playing" with a 8 yr old who was there. He kept touching the older boys face, and the older boy was so good! 

The weird thing was, that after they had been playing awhile, K went and started to climb something. His father said "K, please don't do that" and K stopped, but started whining. Just a little bit of whining. And Benjamin started full out screaming mandrake face. It was really weird. I asked daycare about it and they said he has never done that (cried when another kid cried).

Our next Halloween activity was a Monday night party at our house. We all dressed up and had quite the spread of food.

I highly recommend the "candy corn quesadillas",  not just for halloween, they are tasty! And now I have discovered how EASY quesadillas are on the counte rtop grill, likely to become a regular meal for us.

Tuesday night I had book club, but we did manage to squeeze in some pumpkin carving. We carved the pumpkin so it has the same teeth as Benjamin! (vampire fangs and the two bottom middle).

Honestly, by the time Halloween came about we were all done with our celebrations! Benjamin is decidedly too young to Trick or Treat and we were exhausted! So, we put a bowl of Candy out the porch and tried to relax. It is a fun season!!

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