Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year we decided to spend Thanksgiving with DH's extended family in Kansas. In order to do so, we had to make the 12 hr drive. Taking advice from my awesome message board full of mom's more experienced than I, we decided to drive over night (Also could read - I decided to drive overnight and DH agreed to what he thought of as a harebrained risky scheme that would result in us being late for Thanksgiving).

So Wednesday night after work I picked up the baby from daycare, went home like normal, ate dinner with him like normal, changed him into his pajamas like normal, and then finished up packing and loaded the car while he had his normal evening playtime. Around 6:15pm (earlier than his normal bed time but not unheard of), we strapped him into the car seat and set off! The drive went as planned and very smoothly. DH admits my genius now and is already trying to scheme what other long drives on this trip can take place at night. We stopped every 2-3 hrs to change drivers. Benjamin woke up when we stopped, but we just fed him, changed him, and put him back into the car seat and he was straight back to sleep. We arrived at the ILs hotel at 6am, almost exactly the 12 hours!

Our first meal of the day was breakfast with my ILs, SIL, FBIL, and DH's Aunt&Uncle. They all enjoyed meeting Benjamin (or meeting him again). They were amazing by his eating, amused by his smiles, and it was just relaxing and fun. Then, after a short nap for Benjamin and I we headed over to the Assisted Living facility where my Grandfather In Law lives. We ate dinner there with him and a bunch of other uncles/aunts/cousins, including little G, who is 2 months older than Benjamin, it was cool seeing them together! It was also cool getting to introduce Benjamin to his great Grandfather, who very much enjoyed holding him! After spending some time in his apartment, it was back to the hotel for another nap. Then we headed over to DH's aunts house for more family time and another Thanksgiving dinner. It was nice seeing everyone, and everyone liked meeting Benjamin!

Friday we had another nice breakfast with some relatives at the hotel, and then headed to the Christmas Tree farm that DHs family has strong ties to. Benjamin enjoyed pointing at everything there. Eventually we had to leave to drive to Independence, KS where we spent a nice evening with Dh's mom's family. After breakfast we hopped into the car for the 6 hr drive from Independence to St Louis. Benjamin melted down once, but after lunch with a friend in Springfield, he took a nice long nap, and I got to nap too.

Eventually I hope to post a couple pictures, but right now we are just enjoying being settled in at my ILs house after three days on the road!

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