Sunday, November 25, 2012

Growing and Changing

Benjamin is growing and changing so fast its hard to keep track of what is new, what I have documented, what things I am already taking for granted even though they have only been around for a day or two!

As my last post stated, Benjamin has met a LOT of new people in the last three days, and he did pretty well with it! He was a bit shy and clingy at the beginning, but he warmed up pretty quickly after meeting new people. After three days, he now seeks out attention from his Grandma & Grandpa ILs! Once he has met everyone and settled in, he sure does love being the center of attention. He randomly started doing this thing where he waves one arm back and forth and goes "ahahahaha." We all started imitating him and he LOVES it. Then we taught him to throw both hands up when we go "TOUCHDOWN!". He loves being imitated! And he is really starting to imitate more. This morning when I changed his diaper I started working on the B sound with him and he picked it up quickly! Its so fun to make a noise or action and see his little mouth or body try to do what I just did.

His reasoning skills are so great to see! His G&G got a big thing of mega blocks (giant legos) for him to play with while he is here, and it only took him a few minutes and a couple of examples to be able to put two blocks together. I am not saying he is building towers or anything, but he likes to put two blocks together or take them apart. I will build a tower with a compartment inside with a ball or book in it, and he loves to take it apart and find the treasure. G+G also got him a shape sorter elephant toy for early Christmas, and he was able to put in the circle piece within a few minutes of us getting it set up (and has since figured out that its easier to put the pieces in the trunk "out" hole instead of sorting them, LOL... already TOO smart!).

And walking... he is well on his way! He can take several steps without falling if he is in the mood for it. Sometimes he sort of walks in a circle though instead of a line, I think he tries to keep his balance by keeping one leg under him! LOL. Today he was able to stop walking and stand in one place (instead of walking fwd until he fell fwd!), so that is a big improvement! He is really just improving any day and will be walking wherever he wants in no time!

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