Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sleep Diaries: Improvement

So, Saturday (1/26) night he slept 6 hours straight! It was incredible. Of course I got up to check on him during it. The next night (1/27) he slept a 4 hour stretch.

I figured it was because he was sick and exhausted. I was skeptical that it would continue once he was back at daycare, where he was NOT napping well. Once he felt back up to his normal antics and had his full appetite again.

But the week has gone pretty well! I am not sure if the being sick and sleeping well taught him he could? Or if he just is figuring it out in general. Frankly., as long as it keeps up, I don't care.

- He is napping better at daycare - they are making a real effort to get him down even when he fights it (plus we have updated them on what we are doing at home so they can try some of our new things).

- The last three nights he has had at least one 4 hr stretch each night, and last night he had 2 4hrs stretches.

- For the most part, the nighttime wakings have not been rough. He has either eaten and gone down (if it has been 4 hrs), or cried for less than 5 minutes while I comfort him in his crib. 

- DH has been able to put him down with relative ease as well during nighttime wakings, which had been an issue at times in the paat.

- Two of the last three mornings he has slept in his crib until we wake him up (around 6:20-6:30). The morning he did not stay in his crib he woke up at 5:45am, at which point I fed him and brought him to our bed for the last 10 minutes.

- Bedtimes have been easy and peaceful. 

January 31st 2012
So today was a bit different. At daycare, instead of his "usual" 30-40 minute morning nap and 40-75 minutes afternoon nap, he took one nap from 12:20-3. That's odd. So I am not sure what to expect tonight. He went down easily like normal, but has already needed tending twice, and the second of those times was a night terror. Hopefully he got that outta his system and will sleep well the rest of the night.

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