Saturday, January 11, 2014

Benjamin's Birthday Party (2 yrs!)

Its hard to believe, but little Benjamin is now two years old!

We celebrated his birthday on Sunday the 4th in grand style, with lots of family and a few friends. His paternal grandparents ventured up into the tundra from their normally warmer haunts, and my entire family was able to be there. His two partners in crime, hence forth known as Dino and Bear, were also able to come with their families.

We didn't really have a "theme", but primary colors is always my child "thing" (see his nursery, or his first birthday party), and we got a Thomas Train Cake from the local grocery store. ( I originally planned to bake one, but my one and only New Years Resolution is to simplify, which means not stressing that I don't have time to make a Birthday Cake and just buying one).

Everyone showed up around ten, and chaos ensued. There were only three toddlers and one (crawling) baby. I can't imagine how crazy it would have gotten if the other two toddlers (or few kids) showed up. They danced to Billy Beats. They raced a dump truck around. They did puzzles. They read books. They jumped off our two-step-high landing. There were a couple of less-then desired moments. Like the time my sister, trying to be helpful and stop Benjamin from ramming his dump truck into the wall, actually made him flip over and face plant into the floor. But mostly it was fun. We opened presents, which were all great. Bear was being super helpful and bringing them to Benjamin from the other room. Then we all ate pizza, and cake and icecream, played a bit more with the new toys that had come as gifts (including a very popular pop-up tent with a tunnel attached), and then it was all over. It was pretty much perfect in my opinion, perhaps besides the fact I forgot to get Candles!! But, other than that, perfect, and that is a pretty minor thing.

Testing if the frosting tastes good...

Billy Beats Dance Party!!!


The next day, his actual Birthday, was nice too. We had a nice pancake breakfast and hung out with G&G Yates, played with all his new toys (from both Christmas and his Birthday).

ACTUAL Birthday:
Playing with his new "zoo" Duplo's, I built the tree so the giraffe would have something to eat, and DH crashed the blue car into it, making a Harry Potter reference!! Makes for one happy wife....

I was going to fold into this an update on his development and such, but he is begging me to come play, so off I go!!

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