Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Goals - Past and Present

Here are the goals I had for 2013, and how I did on them:
1. READ -  Read 48 Books - of which, 10 should be books I already own, 10 should be published in 2013, and 5 should be books that were recommended to me in 2011 that I failed to tackle.
Yeah.... not so much. I don't think I read ANY books that were published this year, or ones that were recommended to me. Overall, I read 35 books. Not bad, not my goal.

2. HEALTH - Do not drink soda. Period. Only exception I can think of is extreme illness like I had two weeks ago where Soda was the only thing giving me calories. Otherwise, no Soda. At all. Start to walk at work 20-30 minutes a day. Train for the inline marathon (we will see if I can do it). Eat more varied dinners and get out of the ground beef rut. I want to feel strong again. Get a physical and go to the dentist. Cut back on or even eliminate caffeine (should be easier now that I won't be having soda!)

I did OK on this, didn't get everything done, but I did some of it. I did pretty good on the Soda ban, I really hardly drank any until about November, and then I caved, but now I view soda as a treat, not a daily habit, so I would say mission accomplished. I did walk at work a lot... but haven't recently and should start it back up (especially since my Dr just reminded me how important it is). I also did the In Line marathon. I did not cut back on caffeine and I did not really improve the variety/nature of our dinners.

3. COMMUNICATE - Get skype set up with the ILs. Send out appropriate greeting cards (Sorry no Xmas card this past year...). Re-connect to some people from Cbus I have failed to chat with this year. Go on more date nights with DH. Make some new connections here in Duluth. 
I did get Skype going w the ILs there for awhile, but broke the habit when we went and visited them at Christmas! The rest of these, I fail.

Besides these goals, I of course had the 30x30 list to be getting on with. As time has passed, they pretty much have broken down into a few categories...

DONE (27%)
- Buy a home that may be our forever home
- Inline Skate a Marathon
- Go shopping at the mall of America
- Read War and Peace
- Dye my Hair Red
- Do a long trail ride with a "scary" hill
- Learn to Like Mushrooms
- Hike a specific section of the Superior Hiking Trail

- Have a second child - you guys would know if I was going to have a baby by May
- Do 100 Hrs of Community Service. It would have had to be spread out, I can't cram that into 5 months.
- Go Out on Lake Superior in a Boat. Its under ice... don't think it will be a pleasant experience by the end of May/
- Learn to Snowboard
- Get to the Bottom of Palisade
- Ride in a Fast Car with Max
- Ride a motorcycle
- Go Off Roading

-  Go to Midnight Showing in Costume - I had opportunities to do this and just didn't care to. It would have to be for the right movie.
- Be Rainbow Brite for Halloween. - I might still do this someday, but the last two years it has been more important to me to make a family theme than to go all out for my own costume.
- Figure Out/ Visit a State Park - I figured out what park it was, discovered I couldn't access it in the way I want (hiking in a certain place in a certain picture. Its prohibited due to erosion), so since I can't do that hike, I sort of lost interest.
- Cake Decorating. - You know, I would like to be better at this, but its just not THAT important to me compared to many other things.
- Learn to cook pancakes, poach an egg, and cook souffle.  - DH is in charge of pancakes, and the other two no longer appeal to me I learned about French Toast already)

- Learn to Drive a Manual Transmission. This seems unlikely because the weather, but I hope I can at least get a couple lessons in.
- Drive to Thunder Bay. Again Unlikely due to weather/time, but it could happen!
- See the Big Spoon. I should be able to do this if I prioritize it!
- Write Something Good Enough to Have my Friends Read. Might have to shoot for a poem or essay rather than a story...
- Go Fishing. Might be able to squeeze this in in May?
- Make a quilt that has more than 90 degree angles. I am IN PROGRESS on this.
- Bake 10 Different Kinds of Bread. I have done two so far. I could make it!

OK This post has gotten long enough. Those are the status of all of my past and present goals... now to add on 2014 Resolutions....

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