Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Obligatory "Haven't Been Posting" Post

I have a lot of catch up to do, and some fun stuff moving forward.

The main reason I have not been posting is because I got a Kindle. I know, weird reason, right? The thing is, that is now my main internet device, and its awful for typing. Now, instead of just getting board surfing the internet and clicking open a new window to type up a blog post, I have to put away the Kindle, get out the laptop (which may or may not be charged, may or may not be under a cat, etc), and get it started and fired up (which is doesn't usually like) and then I can post. On the plus size, the Kindle has gotten me to reaChd more because its so easy to flip from getting bored surfing the net to reading an e-book.

 But the reason doesn't matter, I have missed some major stuff getting on here and I need to get it up since I use my blog as a "life record". (... If I find myself asking "what did we do for Christmas three years ago?" or "when did Ben start solids?" or anything of that nature). So, here are some upcoming posts you will be seeing:

- Christmas Vacation 2013
- 2013 Recap and "Memes"
- Benjamin's Second Birthday
- 30x30 Revisited and Revised
- 2014 Resolutions
- Maybe some book/movie reviews?

These won't necessarily be in order, because some are more important. For example, I plan to tackle Benjamin's Birthday post first, because its the most important thing for me to document (in my opinion).

So, thanks for reading. Hopefully I can pull out the old laptop a bit more often and get'er done. 

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