Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bigger and Better

Sitting in my living room with my puppies (and one of my kitties) and enjoying the season premiere of Project Runway. It looks like it could be a good season. I just took an hour and a half nap somewhat inadvertently, I was supposed to be reading Middlemarch. Middlemarch is a 19th century novel by George Eliot (who is actually a woman, by the way). I really do like the book, but am just not getting through it fast enough for my book club. I need to press a bit more.

We got some great news at work today. I have mentioned here before we have lost a few people, and gone from a 9 person unit (1 supervisor, 2 helpers, and 6 newbies like me), to a 6 person unit by losing three newbies. As this happened it became more and more clear that something would have to give- no way the organization would let those three (actually four, since one was already empty) cubicles just stand empty. I was pretty worried the unit would get broken up, which would be bad mainly because it would mean losing my awesome supervisor. Well - today we found out that instead of getting broken up, we are getting three new members, also from my probationary class, and they are all people I like. They move in about three weeks and we will go on our way a full and theoretically secure unit for awhile!! The only bad part about this is that it complicates the gifts I was planning to give in about 6 weeks at the end of our probation. I was going to make blankets for everyone in our unit, because they have all commented that they like mine. But - while making five blankets seemed feasible, making 8 seems a bit over the top.

Anyways - thats my life here, its not bad. I am pretty relaxed at the moment which is always nice.

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Laurelyn said...

1. George Eliot, who knew? Thanks for teaching me!

2. Yay for not losing your unit!

3. SO IMPRESSED you're even contemplating making people blankets and SO HAPPY that everyone loves yours - way to design a beautiful throw ;-)