Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back to Work

Tonight is my last night as a "stay at home mom." Tomorrow I start my new job as an eligibility and enrollment representative for medicare and medicaid at a major insurance company. I am happy to start work. I think I will probably like my job, I think it has room for growth, and I like the company I am going to work for (we used to have their insurance and they treated us very well).

When I was pregnant "are you going back to work?" was a relatively common question, particularly often seeing as I believed most people who asked it had a preferred answer. It is surprising how often one feels silently judged as a mother/mother to be (I am actually working on a post about the so-called Mommy Wars, so I will leave further discussion of this for another time). The point is, my answer was that I would be home for 12 weeks, and wished I could stay home for more like 6 months if my job allowed it. Well, as life would dictate, I actually got to stay home with Benjamin for 24 precious weeks. Not quite 6 months, but pretty darn close. I wish that Ben was crawling or mobile, but he is pretty darn close. We are in a good place.

I am very anxious about leaving Benjamin at daycare tomorrow, but ultimately I think it will be good for both of us. I think I will like being back at work, and I think that once he adjusts, Benjamin will like being at daycare. We had his little friend over here last night, and he was very amused by the 7 month old who was crawling and climbing. I think Ben will be rolling and crawling in no time with examples from the slightly older kids and a bit more "floor" time. Plus, knowing he is getting all sorts of floor time and play time at daycare, DH and I won't have to feel bad if we end up holding him all evening.

So, wish us luck! It will be a rough few days, but I hope all of us settle in quickly.

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