Sunday, June 17, 2012

DH Weekend

This weekend is all about DH.

Saturday, after training off and on (more off than on since we all got sick in March), DH ran Grandma's Half Marathon (formally known as the Gary Bkorklund Half Marathon. He ran 13.1 miles, and I think that is pretty amazing and awesome. It is certainly farther than I ever intend to run. And, as he ran it for the first time the year Benjamin was born, I think we may have a forming tradition on our hands.

Then, today is DH's first Father's Day as a father. I got him some framed prints of Benjamin for his office, including one that I put Benjamin's hand print on as well as the date and "our first father's day". We went up the shore for brunch, it was delicious. Now DH is playing with Benjamin, singing the words to all the songs just a LITTLE bit wrong, just the way he always does. He is a great father and we both love him!

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