Monday, June 4, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses

There is much I could post about, but I really feel like the blog needs a quick break from "baby baby baby". So, instead I want to write a quick note about nature. To put it briefly, I love the natural beauty here in Duluth. It is one of the things I missed the most (right after my family). There is, of course, Lake Superior and all of its granduer- different moods every day. Today it was serene and peaceful, glossy and rippling, reflecting the greys and silvers and whites of a slightly overcast day. But besides the beauty of the lake there is the beauty of walking out of my parent's front door. We go on walks when it is nice, lately they have been down a little nearby dirt road, with a babbling creek and butterflies and singing frogs in the background. Sound idyllic? Trust me, it is. I took the pictures below on my parent's property. If I had the time I would take so many more! I was going to just post pictures but found myself writing a poem instead of captions...


Fresh Start
How would you like to stroll down an old dirt road?
Basking in sunshine, soft breeze through your hair,
The stream's water whispering sweet nothings,
Oh, how I love to be there.

How would you like to breathe in lilac?
Purple lush sweet scented flowers,
Memories blooming through life’s many layers, New and old thoughts fill up the hours.


How would you like to watch the storm come
Cloud banks tower to the top of the sky,
Sunbeams fighting to be the silver lining, 
As the tear ducts of nature open up and cry.

How would you like to wander down an old trail?
Sunset's stark shadows leading the way,
A choice murmuring through the pine tops,
Not even Frost could have dreamt up today.


Anonymous said...

Great post, making me homesick...


Miryam said...

I really love the photos - you have a great eye for shots!