Tuesday, June 12, 2012


After a busy weekend, in which my little sister graduated (Congrats!), the week is already proving to be a flurry of activity, of me trying to prepare mentally and materially for starting work on Monday June 18th.

So far I have:
- hit up Target to try and make sure we have everything for daycare and for me (lunchboxes, totes, hat and sunglasses to leave at the sitters, diaper cream, bottle to pump into, etc etc)
- mailed out mortgage documents
- found and signed the paperwork for home owners insurance for the new house
- worked on some father's day gifts
- planned the menu for this week and bought groceries
- scheduled a drs appointment and arranged for my records to get transferred to the new doctor
- arranged for Ben's vaccination records to go to his daycare
- finished getting Ben and me signed up for the online health portal

I still need to:
- take Grim to the vet
- go to the Doctor
- pack stuff for daycare and take it in
- clean my new/second pump and prep bottles for use
- practice pumping both sides at once
- do a "practice run" of getting ready in the morning so I know we will have enough time
- locate and pack important documents for first day of work
- get all my work cloths clean and together
- finish father's day gifts
- figure out what I will be eating when I start work and get it purchase/packed

Basically, I figure the more I can get done this week in terms of maintenance on long term issues (appts) and planning/practicing for when I start work. the better.

Despite all this planning I am still expecting things to go horribly wrong, because that is how I am.

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Allison said...

I've been thinking of you!

Do you have one of these? http://www.amazon.com/Easy-Expression-Bustier-Medium-Black/dp/B002NUWQUM/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1339534454&sr=8-7

It was a lifesaver for me. I couldn't do the hair elastic trick to hold the horns on and it allowed me o work while pumping.

The first few days may be a mess, but you'll get into a routine quickly enough.