Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Boy Crib..?

Did I mention Benjamin has not been sleeping well?

It started when he got a cold four weeks ago. When he had the cold he slept poorly and woke up frequently because he could not get comfortable and had a stuffy nose. The cold went away, but the poor sleep stayed. I have attributed it to so many things - vaccines, the start of teething, temperature issues, sweat soaked sheets, an uncomfortable PnP. I think I have had 2-3 nights of "normal" sleep in the last month and normal was not all that great to start with (only getting up to feed him 2-3 times with no problems putting him back down). Last night was especially bad. He did not want to be put down. And I don't really actually know the cause.

Up until now, DS has been sleeping in a PnP next to my bed. We have the crib set up now. DH put it together a week or two ago, and then I got the sheets together last week. It is on the far end of our room in the bonus space. The first time I put DS in it (this past Saturday), just to play, he thought it was the best thing ever. He was full of smiles for it. That same day he took a nap in it without incident. DH has also had him nap in it without problem. I was planning to move him to the crib on a weekend. I figured it would take some adjustment, probably more for me than him as I will have to physically get out of bed to feed him once he is in the crib. Or honestly, even to check he is OK. So because I thought it would be a bad adjustment period I was going to start it on the weekend when I could sleep in. After last night however, I figure trying the crib can't be any worse.

So he is upstairs right now sleeping in his crib. I hope the mattress is more comfortable than his PnP. I hope that the sheets and mattress protector are better in terms of back sweat (the humidity has been a killer in this regard). I hope he is happy and safe and sleeps better over there, all 20 feet away from me.

And I think its probably pathetic how much I wish he was still sleeping next to me.


Allison said...

I'm honestly sad for you--it is hard! I hope, though, that it is the "fix" for his bad sleep.

You know, you could have DH bring hm to you... :)

Rachel said...

I don't think it's pathetic.:-) I know how you feel.