Sunday, July 15, 2012

Productive Day, Great Night!

Yesterday was pretty darn good!
DH and I spent the day unpacking. DH got the new washer and dryer hooked up so we can start washing everything that has been piling up plus everything that was in storage for 6 months. He also finished assembling the crib so we can start using that any day. (I might even try to have him nap in it today). We got the dresser drawers unpacked and into the dresser and unpacked most of the boxes that were in the living room. In general we just got a lot of unpacking done (though there is STILL loads to do).

 Then around 5pm we packed a bag, through the dog in the car, and headed for my parents house, where we changed Benjamin into his little swim trunks and took him in the pool for the first time. It is not heated so I was worried about the temperature, but with the air temp pushing 100 degrees (at least according to my dad's thermometer, not sure I believe it!), he did not seem to mind the water temp at all! He mainly liked to eat the pool toys, though he also enjoyed kicking and splashing and singing the whale song.

When I started to feel cool I thought Benjamin must as well and we hopped out, dried off, and waited for the rest of the guests and dinner. My BIL and some family friends soon arrived and we sat down to a delicious grilled salmon dinner, then headed outside for a campfire and some good company. (DS went to sleep shortly after dinner and hung out inside while we had the campfire - we wisely remembered to pack the baby monitor!). We had smore's of course, and then just because I was craving it like mad, I cooked a hotdog over the fire and it was SO GOOD. We were hoping to see the northern lights, but gave up around midnight and headed home. Apparently the northern lights started up shortly after we left. Oh well, as Aaron said, we have a lifetime to try again now that we live up here!!


ARFamily said...

It looks like he had so much fun! I'd love to see the Northern Lights sometime too! That would be so awesome.

Allison said...

Sounds blissful :) I'm hoping N will like the pool better soon--he wasn't a fan last time we dipped his toes in, but it might have been a little chilly for him.