Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Routine

My new day -
6:00am - wake up, feed Benjamin, pump
6:25am - shower and get dressed, dry hair etc
6:45am - come downstairs, pack freezer bag (lunch and pumping stuff) for work, make breakfast, change Benjamin if DH did not have a chance to do it
7:10am - leave the house
7:20am - drop Benjamin off at daycare
7:30am - drive to work
8:00am - start work
10:30am - pump for a half hour in the mother's room at work
2:00pm - pump for a half hour in the mother's room at work
4:30pm - leave work at a full out run if possible!
4:50pm - pick up Benjamin
5:00pm - arrive home, unpack freezer bag, feed Benjamin, start cooking dinner
5:30pm - DH gets home, and he walks the dog
5:45pm - Eat dinner as a family
6:20pm - I give Benjamin a bath while DH cleans up the mess from baby lead weaning
6:40pm - Hang out as a family/playtime
Variable Time (7pm-10pm) - Feed Benjamin and he goes to sleep for the night. Once he is asleep - put away milk into freezer bags, load DW, pack lunch for the next day, do any internet stuff (bills, etc) that needs done, etc. Organize anything that needs done for the next day. If there is time, we have been watching episodes of West Wing on DVD.
Variable Time (10pm-11pm) - I go to bed.
Variable Time (around 11:30) - Feed Benjamin
Variable Time (around 3am) - Feed Benjamin

6am - Get up and start again.

As you can see, a lot of how are evening goes swings on Benjamin going to bed at a decent hour. Pediatricians/research recommends at least 11hrs of sleep overnight for a baby his age. Therefore, him going to bed around 7pm is ideal both for his health, my sleep, and ability to just get what we need to get done. He does tend to go to bed around 7-7:30pm - If we are home. If we are out, even if we get home at 7:45pm, he won't go to bed until well after 9, meaning I have virtually no time to get anything done. The result? It is becoming increasingly important to be home on weeknight evenings (weekends are more flexible since everyone can sleep in!) - which kind of stink sometimes when we are invited to do fun things with my family. Oh well. Guess that's parenthood.


Rachel said...

Your routine looks great! I definitely want to know more about how BLW is going. I first heard about it a few weeks ago, so I'm curious how it's going.

In regards to staying in on weeknights: I always wondered why parents of little kids couldn't just "stay a little later." I mean, what would it matter? I totally get it now. :-) We have left maybe places early so Maggie can get to bed (close to) on time.

Allison said...

We're trying to figure out what time N wants his bedtime to be. He's been waking from an afternoon nap in the 4:00 hour, so he really does need another nap before bedtime, but fights it like crazy, especially with a big sister hanging around (she gets home at 5:30). But last night we got a nap out of him and he didn't go to sleep until after 9, which is way too late. At least he's staying home still...for now.

I don't know if it would help you, but I actually store milk in the freezer bags at work and then take those to the sitter. It'll get expensive, but they're easier to transport and store, especially since I'm already lugging so much around. That way I use one set of bottles for all pumping and then just dump it into the bags when I'm done.