Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Busy Times

Boy do I owe you an update! To say things have been a bit crazy around here would be an understatement. Let me run you through the past week.

Thursday - We closed on the house. The morning of closing our bank was still making requests for banking documents (that we felt we had already provided)! It was a bit nerve-wracking! But by 3pm our end was good to go. However the buyers had some issues. First, the husband forgot his wallet and therefore had no picture ID. But the more complicated bit was the flood damage. During the storm I mentioned a couple of weeks ago the river from the golf course near our home broke free (from its culverts) and ran down our new avenue, into our new basement. Apparently it only took this course for a few minutes before diverting town the adjacent street, however it was a whole creek, so a lot of water got in. The sellers did a great job fixing the damage, drying things out, and replacing appliances. They had to put in a whole new boiler and replace a couple parts of the hot water heater. Because they are connected to a construction company, this was done by family members. To the sellers, the fact the new boiler was not paid for was just "I owe my uncle" but to the title company it was a liability, so we had to wait around awhile while they sorted out getting that paid for from the closing profits. It all worked out though in the end!

Friday - DH took work off and started moving stuff, I went to work. Then the real drama. When I got home from work with Benjamin in the car I somehow locked him in the car (with my keys of course). We were at my parents house, 20 minutes at least from DH who had the other car key, 20 minutes at least from any sort of locksmith, police, or fire response. It was just my mom and I and it was 90+ degrees out. It was scary and probably a bit over-dramatic. After unsuccessfully trying to pop the locks by prying the door a bit and sticking in a ruler (turns out the car security system armed itself against this and disabled those unlock buttons... great), we ended up smashing the driver's side rear window in to get him out, but not before trying the driver's window, which would not break for ANYTHING (but is now scuffed etc). Anyways, Benjamin is fine. I do not regret breaking the car to get him out. It cost $200 to replace it, and if you had been there saying "if you give me $200 I will make sure he gets out safe and sound" I would have paid you in a heartbeat.

Saturday - We moved! But in true fashion it turned  bit more complicated, as my father, sister, and BIL had to get hay the same day (heavy labor and 120 minutes of driving involved), and my brother had to work in the morning to fix flood damage. But, we did end up getting all moved! I am very thankful to everyone for helping us.  We stayed in our house for the first time that night, and it was a bit creepy honestly! This is probably really lame, but it did not help that we figured out at 10pm that we did not have the right cord to get our bedroom TV plugged in and I like the noise to go to sleep, so it felt very isolating to not have it with DH downstairs unpacking!

Sunday - We did some unpacking, ran some errands, then went out to dinner with family to thank them for their help, then drove to my older sister's house to pick up her car to borrow as mine had a broken window.

Monday - Back to work! Note, still no food in the house, driving my sister's car, DH taking Benjamin to daycare, felt very off! Also turns out I forgot my ice packs and several bottles at my parents house, so I had to make due in terms of pumping and milk storage!! In the evening I drove DH's car to my parents to pick up stuff we had forgotten... and on the way back into town Aaron's car stopped working. Luckily my dad was able to come help. Luckily it was JUST me running out of gas because the gas gauge is broken. But, it was more stress and drama. Thanks again for the help...

Tuesday - My little sister came and helped me get to work because we dropped my car off at the glass place. No drama really, just another abnormal schedule and more help needed, thanks again family! In the evening DH and I went out to pizza and errands, but we forgot the diaper bag and pretty much everything else baby care related. Luckily we have an awesome baby who did fine at the restaurant playing with my wallet and purse.

Today - trying to unpack a little, but plans were all slowed down because Benjamin is sick. Poor guy has a slight fever, runny nose, cough. Its pathetic and sad. We probably will still go to my parents later, but we are not being very productive!

Other things I want to note
- Benjamin thinks it is hilarious when we carry him up the stairs infront of another person (like with him looking over my shoulder at DH following us, awesome!).
- He loves it when DH tries to teach him to crawl by demonstration
- He wants to eat remotes and cellphones
- He is starting to anticipate something being fun when you repeat it, like DH was counting down 3-2-1 and then "lift off" and giving him a little ride in the air and he would laugh when DH started counting!!

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