Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Ok, I lied yesterday when I said that I did "nothing" to lose weight.
I have changed some habits. But they don't feel like I am doing anything. Maybe that is why they say you should change your lifestyle instead of dieting or something. And of course the breastfeeding is a must. LOL.

When I started work I changed my diet as well, and by diet I mean the whole of what I eat, not a temporary change or fad. Being at work limits my access to food, which is great. When I am organized I pack my lunch and snacks. When I am not organized I am stuck with the cafeteria, which has more healthy options than unhealthy ones. And it does not hurt that I enjoy most healthy foods. Here is what my "food" day looks like:

- I eat breakfast everyday. If I am organized, it would be a half bagel w liberal amounts of cream cheese, or multigrain hot cereal mixed with frozen berries. If I am unorganized, yogurt and a "NUTrition" bar, or hummus &pita from the cafeteria, or fresh fruit. I also have coffee or tea.

- Packed lunch and snacks typically includes a sandwhich (on pumpernickel, with meat, cheese and mustard), a salad (or lately, with all the fresh produce available, 2 salads) with liberal amounts of dressing, a piece of fresh fruit, and one or more yogurts.

- I have been trying to drink more water. I was struggling with this so my sister suggested I bribe myself. So at work I have a water bottle and a 12 pack of rootbeer. If I drink enough bottles of water by lunchtime or afternoon, I get a rootbeer.

- I keep fun size m&ms at my desk for that afternoon sweet tooth, no trips to the vending machine

- I don't forgo indulgences. If I feel like getting a cookie from the cafeteria, or my coworker offers to run for starbucks, I do it and don't feel guilty, but it does not happen every day because I have my small sweet stuff and enough yummy food to eat.

- For dinner, if I am organized, I am cooking something healthy for Benjamin, so I am eating healthy too. Also, I find that I actually spend more attention on watching him eat then I do on eating, so I eat less overall.

- For awhile there I had forgone all soda and most sweets in the house except a little something sweet for dessert. I was having that and lots of ice water. The past week or so I have drifted back towards a soda&larger dessert, but I am sure it will swing the other direction when I run out of Soda.

Also, did I mention I really love my cafeteria? It has so many yummy options and so many of them are healthy, and its not too expensive, so even when I am unorganized I might have a salad or a wrap for lunch, or a veggie pasta saute, etc.

I think these things are pretty sustainable because I don't feel like I am giving up anything. I love all of the tomato/basil/mozerella salad I am having this week with the fresh tomatoes from my parents, delicious!

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