Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Routine Blessed Routine

After three+ nights out of Benjamin's routine I was so looking forward to being back on routine tonight!! Why were we off routine so much?

Sunday - My dad dropped by for a rootbeer float because we needed to get rid of icecream, and we ended up taking one down to our friend that is in a rehab unit after surgery. I did not think this was enough to break our routine as DS was in the car seat at 6:45pm and home by 7:10pm (bedtime is 7ish), but he did NOT want to go to sleep when we got home.

Monday - We celebrated my mom's birthday by going bowling! It was a lot of fun and DS got to "bowl" for the first time. I won the first game and my father won the second. A good time was had by all!

Tuesday - We went to a parent's night at daycare, where the infant parents get together for dinner and chat. I might post more about this group at a later date. While the parents are meeting, the babies are with the normal afternoon caregivers. They put Benjamin down for a nap at 6pm, which pretty much made his normal bedtime irrelevant.

Unfortunately, tonight is not the most routine, as Benjamin has a very snotty runny nose and is sneezing and drooling like crazy. He has been up several times already since going to bed, and that does not bode well for the night... so I guess I better go get the night started! Hopefully tomorrow is even more routine! 

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