Sunday, September 16, 2012

Its in the Air

Autumn that is, Autumn is in the air.

I noticed several weeks ago that the leaves were starting to change. They started very early this year because of the drought. Now they are really going. Oranges and reds lace the neighborhoods and when DH mowed the lawn this morning, likely for the last time this summer, he was chopping up quite a few brown leaves from our birch trees.  We stood out on the porch and watched him mow. As once before, Benjamin was totally fascinated by it!

Fall means football. My fantasy football team is not going great yet but I think it could pick up. One of my problems is not knowing who to play. On my primary team I have Aaron Rodgers and RGIII, as well as way to many Wide Receivers, so its a guessing game who will perform. In terms of real football, well we have been watching a lot, as much as you can without cable plus some, as last weekend we went to my parents house to watch the OSU game. My dad has labelled Benjamin a football orphan. He has probably had more exposure to television (in terms of actually being allowed to watch/look at it) in the last two weekends than he has had in the rest of his life added up. He has adorable OSU and Vikings gear to wear that I expect to have him in pretty much every weekend - I want to get our money out of it!

Fall also means apples. My parents had a bumper crop of apples from their few trees this year, and borrowed a cider press. Delicious.

Fall also means cooler temperatures. We have broken out Benjamin's 12 month wardrobe, which is also his fall/winter wardrobe - long pants, long sleeves. Whole new kinds of adorableness.

Benjamin is doing well. He is changing and learning so fast now. His babbling is really taking off with new letter arriving all the time, most recently additions being D and L. I await the coveted "M" for mama most  anxiously. LOL. He has two bottom teeth now, and I think maybe more are on the way given his oral fixation today.  He kneels, crawls, pulls  up like a champ. He even occasionally lets go and stands for a second before grabbing something else or falling on his butt. He also eats like a champ, you should have seen him digging into the pizza last night! Just chomping away. Must like olives and pineapple :)


Allison said...

I LOVE fall!

I know what you mean about the TV and football. We generally don't let the kids watch much TV when they're babies (although E watched a bit more than Benjamin does and N definitely does because of E), but when football was on, they were definitely exposed.

After hearing about your success with BLW, I have a feeling we'll give N table food earlier than we did E. We didn't do purees for long with her since we started cereal later than most (at 5.5 months), but I think N is going to want to eat everything, if his staring at us while we eat is any indication. We won't do full-on BLW because of the food allergy thing (I know there are lots of studies, but it doesn't seem like any of them agrees, so we'll be playing it safe on that one since E had a food allergy), but we'll likely be a bit more relaxed with N (not surprising since that's been the case already).

Stef said...

Fall is my absolute favorite season!! And I know what you mean about the fantasy football QB situation - I have Eli Manning and RGIII and I never know who to play!

Rachel said...

Fall is the best season ever!