Thursday, May 20, 2010

The BIG Difference

My older sister and I are similar in many ways. Some pictures of our faces share remarkable resemblance. We both have the same personality type in the Myers-Briggs test (INTJ). We both value logical thinking, practicality, and science. We share most political and religious beliefs. We both are intelligent, we both have some athletic ability. We both have crazy vivid dreams. We both have weak ankles. We both still have our childhood teddy bears with us. We both love animals. We both love water. We both love Minnesota. We both love Twilight and Harry Potter and Orlando Bloom at the end of Pirates of the Carribean 3. We both prefer cool weather to hot. I could go on.

That said, there are many ways in which we are different as well. I would say, for example, that she is harder working, or more ambitious. Not sure which one it is. We both played sports in high school, as I said, we both are somewhat athletically inclined - good hand eye coordination and what not. The difference... while she lived to work hard it and practice and obsess over it, I simply enjoyed the actual competition of it and could care less about practice and running, self improvement. I have never been one to practice, at pretty much anything. So, she is a harder worker. She is also nicer than me. Everyone likes her. I tend to be more outspoken or have more attitude. I am more creative than her and always have cared more about philosophy, fiction, art. She went into a hard science (vet medicine) that involves lots of gore. I prefer to keep gore to a minimum in my real life. In contrast, I love horribly dark movies and horror that makes her cringe. I embraced running off to be independent at college, she abhored and avoided it. She is sort of a spaz about certain social things, big streets, etc, all things that do not bother me. She is a natural born organizer, I get easily overwhelmed by organization tasks and live like a slob half the time.

BUT. The most important difference, the one that inspired this post, is the fact that we don't agree on colors. At all. LOL. Yes. That is right. I wrote this entire post, with all of its insight, because when I got dressed this morning, one of the first things I thought was "wow. my older sister would really HATE this outfit. I am not sure she could bear to look at it." You see, there are very few color combinations in my mind that actually clash. I have ALWAYS been like that, since I was little and got into fights with my mom about whether I could wear the purple sweat pants with the orange shirt to school or not. I know they don't match per se, but what is wrong with putting them together?

My outfit today: black puma shoes with gold trim, dark jeans, violently red tanktop, lilac button up shirt w/red showing at top and bottom, irridescent orange necklace (thanks MIL!). She would probably demand I change if she saw me.

I love it. Who doesn't want to be a rainbow? It makes life more interesting.

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Anonymous said...

actually LOL, nearly ROFL! I was thinking "huh, where's she going with this?" when it came. I am also actually cringing at the thought of those colors together in your outfit of the day... While you will cringe at the idea that I'm wearing poo-covered shoes, and khakis & scrub top splattered with a lovely mixture of blood and tooth-concrete... love ya sis!