Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Green Thumb?

So, picking a new car is not all I did over the weekend, its just all I had time to mention yesterday. The other big thing I did was get my garden in the ground!! This required a trip to home depot, and then 2 hrs of hard work. I also cleaned out the smaller flower bed in front and planted seeds. In the vegatable patch I ended up with way many pepper plants. Here is what is growing their now (or hopefully growing soon): three heirloom tomato plants (each a different kind), 1 banana pepper plant, 1 red pepper plant, three basil plants, countless cilantro seeds, countless dill seeds, leeks (these are actually ready to eat, they came up from the seeds I planted last year), 4 unknown plants - I think they are all green pepper, but I don't remember what I bought, two jalepeno plants, 1 sereno chile plant, one rhubarb bush (this is a perennial, I finally planted it!! Can't wait for next year when I get harvest off of it), and one giant weed of unknown variety. For some reason I decided not to pull it back when I was cleaning out the bed a month ago, and I see no reason to pull it now. I want to know what it does. I know, I am weird.

Anyways, this is the fullest my garden has ever been, I actually used the whole thing for the first time. I hope everything does well!!

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