Monday, May 17, 2010

Poor Pitiful Me

I had huge ambitions for productivity this weekend. I planned to at a minimum, get my vegatable garden and flowers out front planted. I also had hoped to do some organization concerning our CD/DVD collection. Unfortunately all of these plans were thwarted by getting sick on Friday. During the day Friday I started to have sneezing and a runny nose. It got progressively worse, hit rock bottom on Sunday morning, when I did not even want to get out of bed, and then rapidly improved until I am now stuck somewhere in a vaguely runny nose and occasional cough.

So, what DID I get done? Saturday morning I was feeling halfway decent, so I still met my friend for coffee and we went to the farmer's market. It is not yet nice enough for them to have many fresh veggies, but I did buy jalapeno plants, a serano plant, and chocolate tomato plants (those are the purple cherry-size tomatos, delicoius). After that, as scheduled I headed out to test drive some cars with DH. Have I blogged about this? I think so. My car is on its way out, so we are looking to replace it with a car for DH and then I will drive our old Buick. I am not looking forward to driving the Buick, but it makes the most sense and then I can get a new (to us) car in a couple of years. Anyways, the big debate has been practicality vs desire (want vs need so to speak). For years DH has been coveting the Chrysler 300C:

The 300C has a V8, and luxury interior. It is slightly more expensive than what we were originally planning on spending. Anyways, so we went and test drove one of these on Saturday (a 2005). I felt very out of place at the Mercedes dealership that was selling it. As we waited to drive it I looked at another full size sedan that had 368 HP, cost 90K, and required the payment of a $1000 gas guzzler tax. Anyways, after we test drove the 300C we went to find a Hyundai Sonata V6 to test drive. This did not go as planned. FIRST we went to the wrong side of town (E Broad St instead of W Broad St), then when we got there, they could not find the keys for the car we wanted to drive. The car also happened to wreak of cigarettes, so I don't mind skipping the test drive. So we headed up to Car Max in Dublin and test drove a Sonata 07 V4 and an Altima 04 V4. We then went home, took the dogs for their walk, then went back out to find a V6 Sonata.

There was actually one relatively close by at one of the tiny little dealerships on High Street. The dealership is called Buyer's Choice ( I am bothering to post the name because I want to offer them some free advertising. While its highly unlikely we will buy the car we test drove there, the man we dealt with was very nice and the kind of person I would want to buy a car from. He seemed very eager to make sure we have everything we needed and that the car was "ready" for us so to speak. He told us everything that he knew was wrong with the car and what they were doing to recitfy those things before they would sell it. I wish that they had the car we wanted as I would be happy to purchase from them. Anyways, the conclusions from test driving for the day - while I don't personally need more than a V4, it is clear that there is a substantial difference between a V4 and a bigger engine. So, if DH wants a V6 or V8 I understand. Ultimately it looks like we are headed for the Chrylser 300C. I understand why DH wants it, and we can afford it, so why not. Being practical is important, but occasionally you have to live in the moment and do what you want while you have the chance. We will be shopping for a 300C from here on out, hopefully we find one relatively quickly because the sounds my car is making are getting stranger and stranger.

The Saturday run-around totally wiped me out. I went to bed around 11pm and slept in until 10:40AM on Sunday, woke up feeling horrible (as previously mentioned). I spent most of the day watching bad lifetime movies, which is out of character for me, but I what can I say, I was sick. I watched four of them actually. The funniest part is that DH watched much of them with me, including all of the "Pregnancy Pact" movie that was on 7-10pm that I was not even planning to watch until he stated he was interested in it.

So there went the weekend. No plants planted, no weeds cleared, no DVDs or CDs organized, no Grandma visited (did not want to get her sick). I guess I will try to get these tasks done over the next few days instead now that I am feeling better.

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Laurelyn said...

! I'm so out of touch. you decided on the dream? way to go! any luck? bet aaron's pumped huh?