Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Visit

This past weekend my In-Laws visited for Mother's Day. They arrived Saturday afternoon. We decided to go to the racetrack for the evening, an activity that DH has done a few times with work and coworkers and I have never done. I am sort of anti-gambling, not from a moral perspective, but from a "I am so risk adverse its not very fun for me" perspective. But, I figured why not give it a try. Turns out I am absolutely horrible at picking horses, and don't even have beginners luck. I got one bet right and got $2.40 from it. (We won't talk about the cost of all the bets I got wrong). Luckily DH is better and won $150 or so, so the evening was not a complete loss. I did enjoy myself, but ultimately left with a bitter taste in my mouth because I just can't help but feel guilty for loosing the money better, no matter how many times DH or ILs tell me that I should just view the money lost as the cost of the evening of entertainment, like I would if we paid for movie or sports tickets. I would go again in a social setting though and probably enjoy it again.

Sunday, in honor of mother's day, we did what MIL wanted, which was a trip to the zoo - something I never object to. However, turns out half the city had the same idea. It was crazy crowded, and so we did not end up actually seeing that much, and we tired easily. We did get to see the new Polar Bears, who were being adorable rolling around in the grass. We also got to see the Bats and the Manatees, which are my favorites. We also saw a wolf burying a stick, which we all found amusing. After the zoo we played some Wii. Turns out I finally found a video game I am goog at without trying - Wii Bowling. LOL. I won, all time champion! My second game score was 193. We then grilled out, ate a delicious dinner, had some Dairy Queen, and watched the season finale of The Amazing Race. It made me want to take a trip to San Fransisco. They got to repel up this tower, it was very cool. It was overall a fun and relaxing weekend, though it went by very quickly. Guess its now our turn to visit St Louis again!

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