Saturday, May 29, 2010

The start of a LONG weekend...!!

Its funny that the phrase "its the start of a long week" has such negative connotations. This week I had a nice, short week, and now I get to start my very positively connotated long weekend. Four days off to be exact. We have memorial day off on Monday and I flexed to take Friday off as well. (When we rearrange our schedules at work we call it flexing).

The main reason I decided to take the whole day off was that my Dad came into town Thursday night. It is funny because this is my Birthday weekend, my birthday is always right alongside memorial day. My dad ALWAYS has a profession conference memorial day weekend, so there were many many years where he was gone for my Birthday (not that we did not celebrate, it just came earlier or later). This is the first time the conference has brought him to me for my birthday!! It is in Baltimore and he decided to stop on the way to see everyone here in Ohio.

I got off work at 5:15pm and he was already parked outside my house waiting on us. It was really great seeing him. Thursday night we walked the dogs and then drove into downtown Columbus and went to my favorite Irish resteraunt in town - O'Shaunneseys. It was delicious! Yesterday it was quite nice to not have to go to work! In the morning we walked the dogs, had breakfast, watched some ESPN and played the requisite Rock Band. I decided that its pretty much required that if you come into my house for more than a couple of hours that you need to be introduced to Rock Band, especially if you read my blog and see me posting about it all the time! He sang Pinball Wizard and then another one I did not know very well while I played guitar, it was a lot of fun.

After that we headed off to Campus where I showed him around - this is the first time since I moved here that he has visited me with any time to spare to look around Columbus! So, I took him to my "old life" as well as my current life- ie we went to the Political Science dept at OSU, met up with some of my friends and went out to lunch, I took him to Raising Canes, DH met us and took the afternoon off.

We picked up the Dogs and headed to Alum Creek to walk on the dam. After we were done walking we took the dogs down by some water to get a drink and they almost pulled Aaron into the water. Grim clearly thought she should be allowed to swim around at will. He eventually got her out with only minimal wetness to his pants and shoes. We sat in the shade, with then nice breeze blowing on us and the dogs laying in the grass and just relaxed for a while to give the dogs a chance to dry off a bit - it was rough. LOL.

We came home with the intentions of heading back out to the baseball game, but after all three of us pretty much fell asleep on the couch we decided we did not need to spend the night out and instead just went out to dinner at the Pig Iron (delicious!!) and then came home and watched the NBA playoff game (Magic/Celtics). My dad got his wish and the Celtics won.

All of last night I could not believe it was Friday night, felt so much like Saturday! This morning I am headed to the farmer's market. Dad left at 7am this morning to drive up to Burton and spend the day following my vet sister around as she is on call. Tomorrow we will meet back up with him at my Grandma's for dinner and Birthay cake , and then head our seperate ways. I am pretty sure by Sunday night it will blow my mind that I have another day off on Monday. LOL.


Allison said...

Wow! That sounds like a fantastic weekend!!!

I love Pig Iron....yum :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Laurelyn said...

I didn't hear about "Dad meets Rock Band!" SOunds like a blast :-) Hope your bday was fabulous and that you're excited to have another day off. Must be nice


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!!!! Hope you had a great day and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Love Uncle Bill and Aunt Dottie