Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wandering's of an Observant Mind

The big news here in Columbus, and extending out to the east coast, is the heat. Joy of joys, my least favorite part of being in Ohio. Not that northern Minnesota isn't also suffering a heatwave at the moment, but their version of a heatwave is slightly more tolerable and does not involve air quality warnings.

Air quality warnings. Another reason to move to Duluth. We are racking up a lot of those recently. I should make a list.

As I have mentioned, on breaks I walk around the building a bit. Its a loop, so it works out well. Today I managed to walk past a certain spot 4 times without noticing a change, only to have a coworker come back to the unit after her break pointing out they sort of put a new wall up. I walked by a new wall at least four times without noticing it. Call me Ms. Observant.

Not much else going on here. Tonight, Trivia. Tomorrow, guests arrive in town. I went shopping last night to outfit myself for our upcoming adventure to New Jersey. We are going to pretend to be on Jersey Shore for a weekend (for those of you with some remaining morals and brain cells, that is a reality show about crazy Italians who reinforce every possible stereotype about the beach life). I have actually never seen the show, but I know the people who are on it from other media. We actually are going to NJ's shore to see friends from blind camp and generally hang out. That is still 2 weeks away, but with our packed schedule I thought I better get the gear now or I would be heading out on a boat in my work close and looking like a complete loser. I have not owned shorts I liked in quite awhile, but found three good pairs yesterday, a bikini/tankini (one bottom, two tops), a pretty cover-up, and the requisite flip flops. I am all set.

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Bob said...

Heat wave in DLH currently at 72F... yet another reason to live in DLH. Need pict of you in Jersey Shore shorts....