Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eat it, Clean it, Dread i.

Good weekend here in Columbus. Relaxing, social, nice. Friday - Rented Shutter Island. This is a movie I wanted to see because I read the book about a year ago and thought "hey, this could make a really good movie." As it is, the movie is pretty good but not as great as it could have been. My main complaint is the music - very heavy handed 1970s style horror music pervades the film. It sort of throws the rhythm off, and to me destroys the very suspense it is trying to create.

SPOILER ALERT The biggest issue is that the movie puts you in the mind set that this is a horrow movie and there is something strange going on. The beauty of the book is that it appears to be a normal detective story for quite a while before strange things gradually work there way in and demand that it is more. The music basically takes away any aspect of surprise in the surprise ending. And now I need to type one more sentence so the last sentence does not jump out at people and spoil them anyways. SPOILER OVER

Anyways, it was a decent movie. Saturday morning I headed to the Worthington Farmer's Market with my friend M. I have not been to the farmers market or seen M in about 6 weeks, so it was a nice thing to get back to (we had been doing it regularly in May/June). It is certainly time for the farmers market, delicious produce abound. I got cherry tomatos (yellow and red), little yellow plumbs, and fresh cherries. After that it was a trip to the regular grocery store where I bought even more fruit- berries and mangos, so much goodness on sale.

Back at home I did some hardcore cleaning. I started by the TV in our family room - decluttering, dusting, vaccuming, and pushed my way south across the room with great effort. It took me three hours to thoroughly clean the family room. I moved into the kitchen with slightly less success, but still did a decent job cleaning up the kitchen.

After a day of cleaning, guests arrived for a game of Dread- a role playing game using Jenga as the decision mechanism (the tension grows as the game goes on...). We enjoyed the game, and then also added on some Rock Band.

Sunday morning it was time to sleep in! When I did get up, I baked a delicious Banana - Chocolate Chip cake (see Facebook), and then took a nice nap, spoke with my friend O who is living in England, and then headed up to my Grandma's where I spent hte evening with my Grandma, uncle, aunt, cousin, and two little second cousins. Good times!
Goals for the coming week? ENJOY not having anything planned, maybe get a little more cleaning done, and give the Dogs a bit of extra exercise. Hope everyone has a good week.

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