Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jersey Lake Shore

I would really like to post an in-depth description of the past four or five days. It was a wonderful weekend. However, given the week I am returning to, I just don't think that is going to happen any time soon, so I want to get something down before it disapears into the rapidly receeding past. So here is the speedy posting:

Friday - left work just before noon, went home and packed, headed out, drove accros PA on I-80, it was very beautiful, got into NJ and remembered how crazy their traffic patterns are, found a hotel and crashed for the night.

Saturday - got up at a leisurely 9:30AM, just in time to hit the end of the hotel's breakfast. Checked out and headed for Lake Hopatcong. Some confusion surrounding meeting up with our friends, but ended up finding them at the marina where w would be staying and getting on our friend J's 18' boat w/seven other people around 1pm. Headed over to "Aquapalooza", ate burgers and hotdogs for free and then anchored the boat and spent the afternoon listening to music, swimming, and laughing a lot. When the lake had quieted (less people) we did some tubing, I was pretty good at it. DH and I went together and had the best two-person run (held on the longest), mostly because neither of us wanted to "lose" to the other. Had dinner at a resteraunt we could park the boat at, then headed back to find our rented condo and crashed for the night.

Sunday - got up early (everyone moving before 8am) and headed out on the boat, tried wake-boarding. Not so successful as tubing, neither DH nor I could stand up. Got pulled over by the lake cops for being in the wrong place, but they gave us a warning instead of a ticket, went back to the condo, went grocery shopping and made sandwiches for lunch, spent the afternoon floating around the small beach area at the condo. Headed back out onto the boat when the lake quieted down so a couple more people could try wake boarding. Friend J, clearly the most skilled, had pretty bad crash trying to do a jump, but no permanent damage. Back to the Condo, grilled a late dinner, ate, drank margarita's, and laughed a lot.

Monday - slept in, headed out on the boat to some rope swings, swam and tried out the ropes, ate a late lunch, got some snacks, toured the lake, headed back to the condo, showered and got cleaned up, went for pizza, then headed to Camp Marcella, used to be NJ state camp for the blind when we worked there, now run by Easter Seals for adults with MR and other developmental delays, with one week devoted to kids with visual impairments. Watched their talent show and took a walk around camp, then headed out to the diner then to the bar w/ a bunch of the staff members that are still there (or back) from 2005 when we worked there. Fun night. I DDed, but it was still a blast to see everyone. We got back to the condo at 2:45 AM and did not make it into bed until 4ish.

Tuesday - Got up at 8:30 (WAY to early), said farewell and thanks to J and his GF and headed out, Took a different route home and stopped by New Holland PA to see Aunt ML and Uncle K for lunch. It was great seeing them and they live in a beautiful part of the country, the view from their apartment is really neat. After lunch we headed out again and spend the rest of the day driving across the bottom of PA, then top of WV, then up through Ohio to Columbus. I drove the entire way, making me the ROAD WARRIOR QUEEN and, of course, ALL TIME CHAMPION. It is so beautiful driving through PA in general, it might be the most beautiful state to drive through, and most interesting, with its varied landscape, mountains, tunnels, scenic overlooks.

Got back to CBUS at 9pm.

Conclusions from this weekend (AKA, other things I wish I could elaborate on but don't have the time): NJ traffic sucks but its not a bad place, seeing old friends rocks, I really like boats, I really like water. good seeing family.

Upcoming this week - today, drs appt. Tomorrow, lots of training at work and our anniversary. I need to catch up at work and at home.

Looking at the length of this, maybe its good you got the short version...

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